Inflatable pool items


Okay, so last year I brought DH an inflatable armchair ( with a mug holder for his beer I might add! ) why? I cannot answer~ I think I began to panic buy and it all seemed like a good idea at the time…anyway I digress…what I want to know is…Is it acceptable to take this type of item to WDW to use in the resort pool(s) or is it frowned upon and not allowed?
We are thinking of bringing it with us but it is quite heavy when deflated and to be honest if we can’t use it then I don’t want it taking up valuable luggage space!

It is not like we aim to take up the whole pool or anything like that, but it would be nice to float upon it on one of our chill days.

Thoughts please :flowers:


To the best of my knowledge, floats are not allowed. Swimmies for children are, but I am most certain that floats are not.


I did have this suspicion ( I hope that was spelt right…you know when you just look at something and it doesn’t look right?!:huh: )but thought I would ask my fellow MB’rs who can clarify. Thanks Dana x


I know what you mean on the spelling…not my strong suit at all…I’m forever making typos and spelling errors…oh well. You are welcome on the help. Call and check for sure, but I am almost certain.


In all my trips, I have never seen a float in a Disney pool… I think it might be more of a hassle to bring, anyway (if it were allowed).


In the pool at Beach Club you can use a tube to float in but it has to be clear plastic so the guards can see through it. We took a hammock sling that uses a noodle and it was allowed but I’ve not see any other type of float.


Ariel - you can use pool noodles. They even sell them at some of the resorts, but if you are traveling on a plane it’s not like you can take them back home with you. Kids can have inner tubes (the small ones - not like a big ol’ tire!:laugh: ) and such. Believe me - I have pondered this questions myself - I think it is a great idea but I guess it’s a safety issue of sorts in a crowded pool. Noodles aren’t the same but I know they are allowed.


:pirate: Arrgghh. You’d have to make a deal with Davey Jones to command your very own Black Pearl arm chair in the pool. So unless yer name be CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, ye best scuttle the idea. :pirate:

Leave it home. Too many people in the pools so things like this aren’t allowed.


I saw one lady using a lilo at the quiet pool at POR however as it was quite large it was a bit of a nuisance when she kept drifting into people-we spent most of the time keeping out of her way! noodles are great fun and if you hold em right you can float!!!


That’s kind of funny - the thought of having to push her out of your way across the pool…:laugh: :laugh:


you cannot bring floats into the pool other to help someone swim. i would ask yourself if you really need to bring something so big?