Inflated wait times


We noticed the wait times were very inflated for some attractions during our trip. Toy Story had a 120 minute standby wait posted Tuesday morning but when we walked in the queue was empty up to Mr. Potato Head. This was something we noticed the the other day we were there as well. Our friends who arrived a week before we got there reported the same.

Most posted wait times were usually close but Toy Story was always way off. I don’t expect the times to be exact but there’s way they can be that far off by accident. We had been on it twice already in that same hour so I know the ride hadn’t been down recently.

Anyone else notice this with Toy Story or other attractions?


I’ve noticed that a lot, particularly with Toy Story Mania, Soarin’, and Space Mountain. On our last trip, Space Mountain was listed as a 70-minute wait, and it couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes because people were walking straight into the winding part of the queue. I’ve especially noticed that towards the end of the day, they leave the wait times high, but they often aren’t as long as listed. I think this is a strategy to deter people from the popular attractions so that the line doesn’t get too ridiculous.

Also, first thing in the morning, as soon as they open the park, I notice that they go ahead and give the “E-ticket” attractions a 20 or 30 minute wait… even though the park just opened. I think they’re anticipating the crowd in that scenerio.


I thought that Toy Story’s wait time was permanently fixed at 120 minutes…minimum:glare: Do you think they’re trying to discourage people? Thanks for the head’s up - I’m going to make sure to personally check the line when we go.


Well it worked on me…I won’t wait for anything that says over 30minutes…:laugh: Sneaky Disney World:laugh:


Well, theres one thing you and my husband have in common!!!:laugh:


Nothing makes me turn around and skip an attraction fast than a long wait time. It’s also the main reason you will never catch me “sleeping in”…lol


I say better inflated than under-flated. It’s a nice surprise


Good to know. I’m a bit disappointed in this practice.


I totally agree with that. We went to Epoct on our last day and ended up in line for Soarin for almost two hours when the posted wait time was 60 minutes. We normally don’t wait more than 30 minutes but decided to wait it out since it was our last ride of the trip. When we exited almost two hours later the line was much longer (way past the CM at the entrance, almost out to the escalator) but the posted wait time was still 60 minutes.


Why? :confused:


An accurate wait time helps me plan my trip. If I walk away from TS because a posted 120min. wait is actually a 15min. wait, then I’ve missed out on an experience.


But I bet before you walked away, you got a FastPass! :laugh:

I consider it a pleasant surprise for those who are willing to put up with the wait.

We typically don’t go for the longer wait times unless the park is about to close… then we’ll get in line, no matter how long the wait. And it’s usually not as long as it is listed.


Add two more to your list. We won’t wait either, and there’s many I won’t consider if it’s past the 20 min mark unless it’s a constant flow. Too much to do there to be spending it in line.


I know for a fact that at the end of the night, with less than an hour to close, the wait times at the big rides at EC can have very inflated wait times. I was told that they do it so they can clear the lines out before closing. Soarin had a 90 minutes time posted with only 20 minutes until park closing. We could see NOBODY in the line. We went over to TT and it was the same 90-minute wait posted, so we went inside to see just what happens if you are in a line when the park closes. Guess what? Teh wait in stand-by was about 10 minutes!


Yes of course. I keep looking at our trips and we don’t ever have any waits. So no planning is needed.



Wait times are just never an issue for us. If we want to ride something and there isn’t a FP available for later, we usually wait as long as it takes. That being said, there are some rides/attractions that we just wouldn’t wait too long in SB for—if it’s not something we really want to do. We do have the time however.

We usually go for 6 days. We don’t do dining reservations so that doesn’t lock us into any time frame. (We have always been able to walk into a sit down restaurant somewhere if we want to—or we do counter service) We don’t do the water parks—although we may try one again in the future. We don’t lay around by the pool at all. In essence, we get up and leisurely walk around the parks each day all day long. (With one evening in DTD) Our trip is never rushed nor hurried even during peak times in the park. We have never come home without seeing everything that we wanted to see.

We don’t have any kind of itinerary and in all the times we have been, we have never encountered long long wait times anywhere. I am happy with our touring style of plan as you go.

The only exception is that I have booked the Keys tour for this trip—just because we have never done it before. It will take out a portion of one day, but I am not concerned. (I’m more concerned with actually getting to WDW at this point in time—as that is still up in the air. :wacko:)


DUring my CP (approx 45 years ago now, ha), one of my roommates worked at Rockin Roller Coaster and told me that they regularly did this at the end of the night.


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1118327]But I bet before you walked away, you got a FastPass! :laugh:

Not when they’re all gone or if you’re holding an FP that will be active in less than two hours.:nonono2:


I knew it – next trip, we may try hitting a park with a half hour till closing and see if we can hit the big rides before we get booted out! LOL


Absolutely! This last trip we took in July inflated wait times were all over the place. Big Thunder “60 minutes” & reality ended up being 20, one time the HM said “20 minutes” and we MAYBE waited 10 at the most, Kilimanjaro one afternoon said 40 minutes & we maybe waited 15 tops. I guess it keeps people mentally satisfied that they were able to ‘beat’ the posted waiting time? lol. Not sure.