Info about Jelly Rolls at the Boardwalk


Sounds like everyone has enjoyed this place from earlier posts but I couldn’t find if there is a cover charge or not. Does anyone know? Thanks! :happy:


Yes, there is a cover (I think $10) to get in and you have to be 21.


Definitely a cover charge but I don’t remember how much. Lots of fun if you like piano bars!


Another option is Piano Bob at Port Orleans Riverside…a little more G-rated than you’ll find at Jellyrolls, but alot of fun, and no cover. I think his current schedule is Wednesday thru Saturdays.


This sounds like a pretty cool option. I have never heard of this place. Probably because I can only afford value resorts! :blush:


I too think it was $10 cover. But it’s one of those things you really need to try once. The dueling pianos can be a blast. Obviously, the later you go, the more rowdy the crowd.


Since you’re an IN man too… have you been to Howl at the Moon in Indy or Rum Runners in Ft Wayne? And if so how does it compare? I’ve had fun at these places but sometimes it gets a bit vulgar for my tastes :blow:… just curious.


Sounds cool too… does he take requests and such?


Another quick question… I know this is a 21 and up establishment, but is it smoke-free like other WDW venues?


as of September it was a $10 fee. AWESOME bar!


I think they went smoke free about a year ago.


I love the Value Resorts! Especially POP, and All Stars Music! Now that I am a DVC member and have started using the membership I miss them.:crying: Don’t get me wrong my home AKKV is great! But I miss the days of being able to get a simple hamburger, theirs was on pancake bread:huh: But since I joined MB I realize how much I have been missing. I never do the restuarants but that is going to change. And I am going to hit some of the bars.


No, doesn’t take requests, His shows are more about family fun, whereas Jelly Rolls caters to the adults only crowd.


I have officially added this to my plan for my next trip! Thanks Jersey!


I’m glad I’m not the only DVC convert to miss the value resort food courts too! :laugh:


I’m not sure. I work in downtown Indy and have never been to the Howl at the Moon. However, I hear it is similar. They can get a bit “adult”.


I wasn’t aware of this! Due to our schedule, we haven’t been there for over a year. The smoke was the one thing that I didn’t like about the place. It was really extreme each time we were there. Thanks!


i have not been there for a long time What i do remember is that we had a great time.