Info needed on "kitchen sink" please!


A group of 6 of us are planning on taking on the sink. However, my DD is allergic to all dairy, soo…
1-Do you know if the ice cream is soft serve or regular?
2-Is the whip cream real whip cream of cool whip?
3-Are there other things, like cookies & brownies, that she might be able to have while we deal with the ice cream?


Someone at the table next to us got the kitchen sink. It looked like all “regular” scoops of ice cream and it had a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream on top, it was definately NOT cool whip. It came right out of the spray can. It didn’t look like they had much topping on there, I only saw a few cherries and nuts. I bet they can serve your non-dairy friend a regular brownie with no ice cream or a cookie. I saw several desserts that used a brownie and I think I saw a kid’s sundae with a chocolate chip cookie. Just ask, Disney restaurants are pretty good at accomodations.


The ice cream is actual scoops of hard ice cream. And like Wish said, they use a WHOLE CAN of whipped cream! They do put EVERYTHING in there…cherries, nuts, brownies, basically EVERY TOPPING THEY HAVE!

Here’s a description from AllEars:

Kitchen Sink - scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip, smothered in every topping we have $21.99

I am SURE you could just get a plain old brownie or cookie there…just ask. I think they have the brownies sitting on the counter in cake domes. (if I’m not mistaken…but I could be SO wrong!)


Where do you get the kitchen sink at?

Do they have a prize if you finish it all - Like a roll of Rolaids?


You an get the Kitchen Sink at none other than BEACHES AND CREAM, located at the Beach Club Resort. If I were you, I’d BYOR (Bring Your Own Rolaids).


I think they stick a few Oreos on the top for show so you can get those on the side. They also have other cookies and brownies she can get while the rest of you enjoy the kitchen sink.

Let me just say that after watching a couple of groups eat the kitchen sink I don’t think I’m interested, it looked awful by the time they got half way through it. All the ice cream was melted and the toppings were all mixed together, yuck. I like my ice cream simple–hot fudge and nuts and I’m good.


I TOTALLY AGREE, Steph! I’d never get it. Heck, I can’t ever finish my No Way Jose sundae!!! :blink:


I’m glad I’m not alone, everyone always seems excited about it but it really didn’t look good when I saw one in person. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut butter and all the fruit toppings just didn’t look good together.


I agree with the two of you. It doesn’t look good to me at all. We like to get a No Way Jose and 1 other sundae for teh 4 of us to share. Even then, we still have alot left over.


It’s a Kohler Staccato with Kohler Forte brushed nickel finish faucet set and a 3/4 HP pro line InSinkErator garbage disposal.


ROFL!! That was actually, really funny, Soundgod! Hahaha!

My daughter wants the Kitchen sink for her ‘birthday cake’ when we go for her birthday in November…I figure a bunch of kids will think it’s the greatest, ever…

It seems cool, but I don’t like alot of the toppings, so it’s not really for me, personally.

The No Way Jose (as Kim already mentioned) is something that I want to have right now. Right this minute.


Ok Erin, for someone who likes ice cream way to much, I have to ask. What is a No Way Jose and where do I get it?:tongue:


i saw one of these when we were there last weekend - it is BIG !!!


It’s at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Resort. I’ve never had one, but I’ve seen pictures, and read descriptions, and it looks so yummy!

Here is the description from allears:

No Way Jose - a peanut butter and hot fudge delight with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate morsels, whipped cream and a cherry $7.99


Okay Jose, here I come!!! Any one want the cherry? I have to watch my weight you know.


ROFL!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was halarious! ROFL!!!


Erin, if I didn’t spend the better part of 6 months in Home Depot while redoing the condo we were selling and the house we had bought, I wouldn’t have even known what that stuff was. (Which is my kitchen sink that I installed myself)
Which reminds me, a lot of the plumbing fixtures in the WDW resorts are Kohler.


I knew it was a kitchen sink. A very nice one, at that!

I love me some Home Depot! :heart:


DH installed our Kohler sink in our bathroom, too! I love it!


I should not read this thread at the end of the day…