Info on MNSSHP


CAn anyone tell me any info on the halloween party as this is my first time. Pics will help too:laugh: Are the adults allowed to trick or treat? How many guest do they allow per party? Are the lines long?


I want to say 20,000 people is the sell out point…not certain on that figure, but it’s what comes to mind. Adults are allowed, in fact encouraged, to trick-or-treat. Lines? depends on the day you are going. I think you should spend the first part of the party, trick-or-treating, do the parade and fireworks and then concern yourself with attractions after. The park is dead after the second parade…even on halloqween night.


Is it true that they will let everyone in at 4 pm? The party starts at what 7? Ends at 12? So we should trick or treat then watch parade then ride rides?


Definetly trick or treat! We all dressed up and did and had a ball! Also, have your treat bag (they will give you one) handy during the parade as they pass out candy during the parade also. It is soooooo much fun the parade is AWESOME as are the fireworks. We didn’t do many rides actually because we were so busy doing character meets with rarely seen characters. They will have ALOT of the villians out for meet and greets.


Adults are definatly encouraged to dress up and trick or treat with the kids. When we went we all got given trick or treat bags as we entered the park and went round all the different stations a few times (you’l get a special MNSSHP map which points out open rides and trick or treat stations!) We went back to some stations several times and came back that night with 4 over-flowing bags! Some CMs are alot more generous than others too!
The parade is fantastic so try getting a good spot along Main Street, you’l really enjoy it and keep an eye on the Castle!
The only ride we ever had problems getting on was PoTC but if you go during the first parade it really empties out, alot of families are there with younger kids so dont tend to hang around and usually catch the first parade.


Is it the same parade both times at night??? I just checked the weather and for next fri it states scattered t storms…


The parade is the same during both times of the party. I would not worry about the rain too much. And if it does there is alot of attrractions close by to each other that you really don’t have to worry about it.


Ok so I will catch one parade and then do other things inthe park after… Lets pray for NO rain:laugh:


Yes, it’s true. I was able to enter the park on my event pass and get my bracelette at 4pm for both MNSSHP and P&P party.


Stay for both parades. Either watch them both if you are into that or do something during the first and stay for the second one. The party gets pretty empty after that. The second is better because less people and it is darker “scary”. The fireworks are great too so don’t miss those.
Focus more on the party and less on the rides since you have been before.


The Villians Mix and Mingle is a great stage show, and you’ll get to meet the villians afterward. I love this show!!!


I love the Villains mix and mingle! This is our daughter and myself.


What time are the parades?


This is us as we entered the park.


Thanks for the Pics PAL MICKEY!!! They are great!!! IS that the cruella there or someone dressed as one? I wanted to do that as well but just might be Minnie


Hey Im curious what your costume is going to be? DH and I are going next week and I still havent thought of a costume yet and not sure if we want to do one. I just would rather let the kids trick or treat.