Info on new pool and food area at SSR?


has anyone been to the new pool area and food location at SSR it has been open for a while I believe …trying to find out how good the food is as a casual alternative to the almost food court…


We’ll be there in fifteen days - so I’ll take a look. I don’t think anything can salvage the “almost foodcourt”. That place needs to be dismantled and totally revamped. I don’t think there is a worse fast-food service at WDW.


will be looking forward to the report…I agree on you assesment of the unamed almost food court also…slightly discouraging that nothing is afoot to fix it


I can’t even remember the food court at SSR so it can’t be very impressive to say the least. Its such a lovely resort though? Oh well, maybe the updated food court will be to the same spec.


The resort itself is lovely, but they put in this - for lack of better words - food court area which is just silly. So poorly thought out. It’s sort of stuck in the middle of the gift shop and the groceries, the place is always crowded, there’s only 2 cashiers for the whole area. The “selections” are pretty dreadful - all processed fast food - and it’s the “order your food and take a buzzer” system - except that once you get the buzzer you have to stand around, everyone getting in everyone else’s way - it’s just a mess. You have people buying t-shirts, milk and eggs, and cooked food all jumbled up together. The concept is so unDisneylike. (except the cupcakes are quite delicious.:rolleyes:)


originally if I am not mistaken,it was meant to serve the one building that was that being the disney institue,then SSR came along and with just a few changes and a gift shop and grocery store added it became totally inadequate,and the in my opinion outside breakfast a very distressing menu,and quality.over the last 4-5 years talk has been they are going to do something but to date NOTHING of any signifigance


Now I do remember it! For the very reason you said- guests were buying souvenir type things and we, if I recall correctly, were buying milk! A very odd set up for such a lovely resort- thanks for the reminder:happy: