Info on 'Ohana refurb?


I have been trying to make reservations for 'Ohana for Jan 28th dinner and have been calling since the 180 day mark. Finally one CM told me that it was closed earlier in the month for refurb. She said it was supposed to reopen on the 20th, but has not been loaded into the system for reservations for the week of the 24th yet. Does anyone know any inside info on this refurb?


sorry, have no clue. Thought I’d check out Allears for any info ( i guess you had already done that yourself though?!?) but there was nothing on there at all about an Ohana Refurb. Hopefully it wont be a long one though as Ohana is such a popular restaurant and so busy all time I can’t imagine it would be a long turnaround for the work to be completed?


Maybe they will bring the potatoes back! :ninja:


I was wondering why I couldn’t schedule a reservation at 180 days out during an off peak time. I hadn’t heard anything about a refurb, so I was getting worried that I wouldn’t get my banana bread pudding this trip! I did end up getting a resie on the 21st through the online system.


I’m a little worried about not get that bread pudding myself! I just tried the online system and I couldn’t get anything for the 28th still.


I have ADRs for September 25th so I know they are not closed yet…i do not know about any scheduled refurb.



Yep. We a ressie for September 26th or 27th, can’t remember which day.


I tried again and still not able to make ressies for Jan 28th. The day is not loaded into the system yet.


We have a resy for September 30th…so excited to try this place for dinner! We love the breakfast and WOW skewers of meat…CAN’T WAIT! LOL


I was able to make a reservation for 01/24 dinner there on July 18th.


Go get the Bread and Butter bread pudding at Raglan Road if you can’t get into Ohana :wink:


You might want to double check! I could get a reservation for breakfast but no reservations for dinner until February 2nd. I hope you didn’t get an am reservation rather than pm! I wish Disney would release some info on this. All I have found are rumors on the internet so far.


what dates exactly is O’Hana closed for refurb?? I was looking into reservations for November, and couldn’t get any. I thought they were just booked, but after seeing this post I’m wondering if it is because they are closed for refurb.


The rumors I have read are dates for January only.