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I was thinking about treating my wife to a full spa treatment on the next trip, massage, pedicure, manicure the works! I over did the parks on our last trip so I want to really show DW another side of WDW. Has anyone been to the spa at WDW or had a massage there? Is so how was it and which one did you visit? Any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve been to both the spa at the Boardwalk and the Spa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I know Muscles and Bustles (BW) doesn’t do full service, just massages and honestly I didn’t find it that impressive of an atmosphere. Let me tell you however, the spa at AKL was AMAZING!!! I don’t know if they do manicures and pedicures but the spa rooms were BEAUTIFUL and SO peaceful. It’s a REALLY relaxing place that totally transforms you to another world. I love it there.


DayDreamer: Marry ME.


Your wife is so lucky!


The spa at AKL IS amazing–I agree with Wishy! I’ve also checked out the spa at Saratoga Springs and wasn’t all that impressed.


The spa at the Dolphin resort is absolutely gorgeous! It’s the Mandara Spa, one of three in the world. I toured through there and I could stayed in there forever. It is a Bali-themed full service spa. Absolutely incredible! I have never heard any complaints about it (well except those who aren’t prepared to pay, but that’s how it is with any spa on Disney property).


Well! A spa themed after moi! It MUST be wonderful :laugh: !


I am so glad to see this! I am going to the Dolphin in October and plan to go to that spa then, for the 5 hour package!:happy: I was not so impressed with the Grand Floridian spa, hate to say it but the Canyon Ranch at another resort up a little on I-4 was nicer. Sorry:blush:


Ya know, I thought the name sounded familiar…there’s one at the Atlantis in Paradise Island!!!

And DayDreamer, you are an AWESOME hubby!!!


LOL! :laugh: I’d love to but I think the state has laws about that kinda thing.


The Mandara Spa looks beautiful in the pictures, but I thought the price list was exhorbitant there. I’ll stick with the WDW spas instead.


Hey Day Dreamer!!
There are spas at the Granf Floridan and Saratoga. I’d check out Saratoga because I am from New York and I love Saratoga!! Great race track!!
That is so cool of you to do right by the missus…have fun.


I can’t wait till our next trip. I’m going to completely surprise her with this. I plan on dropping her off at the spa for a few hours, the girls and I will go hit the park or pool and pick her up later.


Do you have a brother that thinks like you do???


I did the sea salt body scrub at the GF and I have to say it was one of the most wonderfull things I have ever done!!! I did it when it was still a wish offered in the old silver dining plan. i have no idea how much it is now!


how is the spa at saratoga?


Hehe, those two dudes are clowns. :laugh:


I will keep that in mind! Thanks


DayDreamer… I have news from our trip in February!

I am used to getting occasional spa services in New York City, and paying th ebig bucks for it too! Haircuts, manicures, facials, you name it…

BUT>>> last time we were at WDW, LilMissDisney and I went to the Mandar Spa at the Dolphin and took a look at the menu of services. The prices of the facials were horrifying!!! So I took a guess and we told them we’d just have manicures and pedicures instead (that is about $40 per person in the suburbs here, and about $75 in the city).
We had the manicures and pedicures (nothing special, but very acceptable). And then it was time to pay the bill…
I have to say that it was hard to keep my face from looking like this: :eek: . I actually had to concentrate on keeping a smile on my face! I was embarrassed and my mind was already reeling about how to explain this situation to my darling DH, who wouldn;t know what is too expensive for manicures anyway.
DD and I ended up on the pool slide the next day, where we handily scraped the polish off our big toes. GGGGRRRRrrrrrrrrr. LOL!
I would go to any spa besides this one…