Information on AllStar Resorts


I see that a few resorts in Disney offer movies at night. I was curious if this is so at any of the All Star Resorts? Also I see that they have refill mugs here too. I am not familiar with this.Is this something that I should take advantage of with a 7 year old and 4 yeard old or should I pass? What are you allowed to refill the mug with and how many times are you allowed to use this service in a day or for the week?


The mug is refillable at your resort (really any resort) for your trip basically as many times as you want. On most machines there’s a timer that slows you down but it’s only a few minutes between refills. I believe your options are usually soda, lemonade, tea, or coffee. I don’t not think milk is an option. You could share a between your kids if they drink fountain drinks.

My husband just bought a mug last night, I think it was $18 and it’s good for the length of our stay.


Not to threadjack, but Stephanie, I thought you are usually there in July. Too bad, we are missing you by a week. Would have loved to met up!

As far as the movies, I haven’t stayed at a value for quite some time, so not sure if they are offering that there. It is very fun to watch a movie under the stars, so even if they don’t offer it at your resort, its perfectly fine to head over to a resort that does offer it. It’s fun to use Disney transportation, so enjoy a boat ride or monorail to get to a resort. Enjoy a movie, explore the resort and incorporate that as part of the vacation.


Have never stayed at a value resort, but according to the Disney web site, Sports has a movie on the football filed, and Music has one by the food court. Not sure if it would be the same movie, so you could go back and forth. You can also go to any other resort to watch a movie.


When are you going to be at WDW?


We’ll arrive tomorrow morning (Sunday). I’ll keep an eye out for a pm if you are still there and have time for a quick visit. That would be awesome!