Information on EMH


I think that is what it’s called, can anyone tell me if it is really busy at that particular park the day of EMH and is it worth it? Thanks a bunch! :rolleyes:


Yes, the park that has EMH is usually busier than others…as for if it’s worth it? If you want to get up that early and go, you can usually get a ride or 2 done early. I like to sleep so I don’t do it!


This is what we do. We go to whatever park has EMH. Then when it begins to get crowded, we either switch to another park or take our swim/rest break back at the resort. When we go out again that day, we pick a different park than the EMH one. I hope you are following what I mean.


gotcha thanks!!! sounds like a great idea :wink:


EMH? i’m a little lost. what’s that?


EMH is Extra Magic Hour. That’s when resort guests get an extra hour in select parks each day.


oh ok. thanks for clearing that up. i can’t wait to do that next month. i’m so excited about it.


is there a set schedule for these EMH or does it change month by month, and where can I find these schedules, let me guess…


We tend to sleep in, and stay at the parks later at night. DH is not a morning person and the closer you get to closing time the less crowded it is anyway. But what a mad house when you leave wow.


Here you go:
Sunday - Magic Kingdom
Monday - Animal Kingdom
Tuesday - Disney-MGM Studios
Wednesday - Epcot
Thursday - Magic Kingdom
Friday - Animal Kingdom
Saturday - Disney-MGM Studios

Attractions open during EMH

Magic Kingdom:
Astro Orbiter
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Mad Tea Party
Main Street Vehicles
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Peter Pan’s Flight
Snow White’s Scary Adventures
Space Mountain
Tomorrowland Indy Speedway
Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Spaceship Earth
Test Track
Universe of Energy
Mission: SPACE

Disney-MGM Studios:
Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3-D
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Star Tours
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:
Discovery Island Trails
It’s Tough to be a Bug!
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
The Tree of Life


We EMH for the MK everytime we go. I have little ones and if we don’t get the “Dumbo” type rides in early the lines are too long later in the day. We can get Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Lion King Show and ride Peter Pan over and over all in the first hour. Last time my DS and I rode Peter Pan 5 times before we had to wait in line. We lucked out MK did fill up but it wasn’t to bad so we stayed in the park all day.


Our last trip we did two EMH mornings, one at MK and one at Epcot. The day at MK was wonderful, in that first hour we rode Buzz twice - walkon - while DH rode Space Mtn, rode the Speedway, the TTA and went to Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan. By then is was close to regular opening, but we did all of Fantasyland, I went over to Adventureland while DH and the kids went back to Tomoorowland,and it was at least another hour before we noticed a crowd growing. We actually ended up staying the whole day, with DS and I going back to the hotel for his 2 pm meltdown, then returning and staying thru Wishes. It was great, but it was also February, which makes the crowds lighter anyway.

Our day at Epcot we managed to get all of Futureworld done, (ok, well–most!) before DH took DS back to the pool to meltdown in style and DD and I hopped over to MGM. Epcot seemed more crowded to me, IIRC.

Is it worth it? Sure. If it’s a busy season, go for EMH, then leave when it gets too crowded and hop to another park.

If you like to sleep late, try for one the Extra Magic Nights, or whatever they call them, I can’t remember lol. They cost a smidge extra, but the park (MK) is limited to 5000 people (I think) I wanted to do that, but the kids pooped out.

Whatever you do, have fun!


Epcot probably gets busier on EMH mornings because it only has 1 a week (Wed) while each of the others has 2 a week.
In addition to MVMCP and MNSSHP there are other nights that you can stay late. In the spring they tried out EMH at night and they do sometimes have E nights where you can ride all the big rides after closing for a few extra bucks.
Unfortunately for us, we have to plan so far ahead to get time off work etc that we just have to book and hope that one of these falls in our travel plans.