Information on Rehabs?


Where can I look to find information on upcoming rehabs? I’m so worried about something like HM being down before our trip. We’re going April 21. Is there anyway to see what will be closing for that time? Or do they announce it at the last moment?

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Right now the only rehabs I know of are Splash Mountain (currently down for several weeks I beleive) and Space Mountain to follow a few days after for a week I beleive.

I think there may be some info about rehabs at the official site. I’ll go check right now.

Sorry! But the only thing I could find for sure was what attractions are currently closed (although it seems a little out of date) It’s found here: WDW FAQ Then click on “What Attractions are Currently Closed.”

Maybe if you check the day before you leave you can get better info.

Enjoy your trip!


Yah, unfortunately, WDW doesn’t announce their rehabs too far in advance. Some things will be closed when you are there, Maelstrom and El Rio de Tiempo (or whatever it is called.) Disneyland actually list which ride is going to be closed and for what dates a couple months in advance. I wouldn’t expect anything major to be down during that time. It is a pretty busy time of year, right around Easter, so every thing should be open except those rides that have been either permenantly closed (Journey into your Imagination), or those that are only open seasonally (Carousel of Progress, etc.)

This site keeps track of what is currently closed, or is announced as closing.

Have a great trip.


I don’t know how reliable they are but they have some listings at this site as well.

Good Luck.