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I am so excited that this year instead of camping we will be staying at POR. I am asumeing at Alligator bayou b/c there are 5 of us. can anyone give me some insight to this resort I have went to allearsnet and researched it but I would like to hear about so personal experiences. Thanks


disneylover, you will love the POR resort! I have stayed there on my last several trips.

I stayed in the Bayou section in 2006 with my mom, my aunt and my 2 cousins and we all loved it. I had thought that I wouldn’t like the Bayou section as much as the Magnolia Bend section but we ended up loving it!

The Food Court there is great and has something for everyone. There are tons of pools and other recreational activities. I have never had a problem wiht bus service there. They have great entertainment in the River Roost lounge several nights a week.

POR is definitely my sentimental favorite of all the resorts. Even when it is filled to capacity, it feels quiet and peaceful after a long day at the parks!


LOVE the resort. But it can be a bit of a walk depending what section your in. We were on of the last sections BUT the bus stop was RIGHT behind the building! So there are pluses and minuses to that.
Good food, great pools, nice area.
What more to say…


POR was the first Disney resort we stayed in and I have a real soft spot for it.

Everything was magical to us! It is a great resort - my kids and dh loved it! They loved Alligator Bayou. I liked Magnolia Bend myself. The food court was great with a huge selection. It was a big resort, but very relaxing feeling.


POR is our favourite too and like Llama we have stayed in both Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend.


I have stayed there and it is very nice. We were in the Mansion area with a lovely court yard. It was so quiet and peaceful. It was so nice walking along the water.


And here I am excited that we get to go camping at FW instead of using a resort. :laugh:


My sister and I were planning a trip to WDW in 1998 and I told the travel agent that we wanted to stay at any moderate resort, except for Dixie Landings…now Port Orleans - Riverside. We were 22 years old at the time and didn’t think the theme fit our young and sassy lifestyles. Of course, the only resort available was POR!

We arrived at WDW knowing we were going to hate POR and we ended up loving POR! The ambience, the food court, the pools (POR and POFQ), the boat to DTD, the horse carriage rides, the surrey and boat rentals…we had a blast!

This year my husband and I are going to WDW for the first time together and we booked…POR!!!

POR is a great resort and you will love it.


OK, my favorite subject!

  1. Piano Bar Bob – He’s a performer in the lobby bar in the evenings. I won’t say any more than that. Just include him during an evening when you are hanging around the hotel! Sooooo fun!

  2. In the mornings, go to the Bakery area of the food court and you’ll be able to get a cinnamon roll that has just been baked in the oven right there. It is incredible!

  3. For lunch, have a fresh-tossed caesar salad. Add some chicken if you want. Great!

  4. The bar by the main pool is really fun! They serve a mean cocktail, which you can enjoy in the hot tub with a full view of the pool! We like to have an evening glass of wine there too, while the kids wander around in the playground (right behind a bush by the bar!). Helps them mellow out for bedtime.

  5. Taking a boat over to Marketplace is great, and sometimes we take a boat ride just for the fun of it. We also plan a few hours at the POFQ pool – so another boat ride!

  6. Hide and seek in the Bayou section! Spooky in the evening, and so much fun for the kids!

  7. Cool lobby bathrooms – my kids loved to check out bathrooms when they were little! Don’t really know why, but whatever… LOL


I have stayed at POFQ, but not POR. The only insight I can give you is on the transportation because it’s shared between the two resorts. My best advice on that is go to the parks EARLY…meaning get on that bus long before opening so you can get seats. the buses fill very fast…

Do use the boat to go to DTD…it’s a nice little boat ride and fun to hang out DTD.


It’s probably because they have the chain from the top of the tank that flushes them!! (you know the old fashion toilets with the tank in the air) My girls got a kick out of that too!! :laugh: :laugh:

POR is a beautiful serene resort . . . the walkings not too bad. Just bring a small umbrella stroller if you have any little ones with you! :happy:


All this talk of POR, makes me want to be there right now!


We have stayed at both POFQ and POR (when it was Dixie’s Landing - Magnolia bend) We loved them both, but we gravitate toward POFQ now. Most of it is sentimental, as we stayed there on our honeymoon. They are both great resorts. You will love the quiet / peacefulness of POR.


We’ve stayed at 5 different resorts, and POR was my favorite so far. Great pool, and the trip to DD on the boat was great!


If you’re moving up from camping, unless your idea of camping is an ultra deluxe Prevost tour bus, I think you’ll be pretty happy at POR in either section.
If you can put 5 into a room at POFQ, I would recommend that resort over POR because it is only half the size, 1000 rooms vs 2000 rooms. If you’re taking your car, you can always drive over to Boatwrights at POR if the FQ’s food court doesn’t excite you.


Check out Dopey’s thread entitled “For all POR/POFQ fans” (or something close to that) It has some great links to sites with good pics etc.