Ingamba's Official Disneyland Thread


As many of you know, I’m a WDW veteran having made many trips since I was a child. The same experience doesn’t hold true for Disneyland, as I have never been there even though it’s long been a dream of mine.

I would like to start this thread to ask any Disneyland questions I might have to all of you DLR experts out there.

The first of which is this:

Is it better to fly into LAX, or Orange County Airport, when one is travelling from the East Coast and wants to do DLR only?


I like Orange County better because it’s smaller and not nearly as crazy as LAX. But you will most likely get better airfare going into LAX. At least that’s how it’s been in my experience.


Ingamba good thread to start. In my case it was nearly $200 MORE to fly into Orange County airport than LAX. I hope Ddoll reads this b/c I know you live near her and I remember awhile ago I think she said she found an airline from your airport that goes cheaper into Orange County.

Although, from most major airports in my area (Newark, Philly, JFK, Laguardia) it IS significantly cheaper to fly into LAX. Keep in mind that I do refuse layovers, especially on a longer flight like that and when I don’t have a lot of time to waste getting to DL.

Also, to be honest, it has NEVER taken me longer than an hour to get from LAX to DL. That was moderate traffic levels too. I’d say the average time was 45 minutes. If you are going to be in the SoCal area though, renting a car is nearly a must. There is no cushy “magical express” to get you to and fro, and I am assuming you’d want to leave the resort for SOMETHING?!?


We flew into Orange County. It was not a direct flight though. If we had flown into LAX, it would have been direct. We really liked the Orange County airport. We rented a car right at the airport, so it was very convenient. It only took us 15 minutes to get to Disneyland.
Pro: Much closer to Disney, smaller airport, less traffic
Con: Flight a little more expensive, not a direct flight

If I had it to do over again, I would just fly into LAX on a direct flight. It would have taken less time.


Burbank’s not a horrible choice, either. Not so crowded, not too far. Pricewise, I have seen all three of these fluctuate between most expensive/least expensive.


If you can get a good fare to O.C. ALWAYS choose O.C.!!! You may get lucky and find the fares aren’t too different…it has happened:) O.C. is def. smaller and thus less hectic…but I never have a problem at LAX…just have to deal with more people and the drive is a bit longer…


I agree with Andrea, Burbank shouldn’t be rulled out. Orange County is easiest, and LAX is huge, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice. And don’t forget about Ontario–it’s a good one to use for DL and less than an hour away.

My first suggestion would be OC becasue you are right there and will have very little traffic to deal with, but I wouldnt’ pay a fortune to fly in there UNLESS I were traveling on a Firday and Monday of a hoilday weekend, it’d be worth the $$ to skip the time in traffic.

My next choices in order would be Ontario (if you were renting a car, I don’t know about shuttle prices or availability here), Burbank then LAX. It would depend on what day and time I was planning on traveling as well because of traffic. I only pick Bur over LAX because I am very familiar with Bur. LAX has alot of competition for shuttles to DL, so the prices may be less.


I have only flown into LAX, since I would always pay at least $20 per ticket more (usually even more!) to any of the other local airports. But if you can manage to get an agreeable airline ticket then hit almost any of the other local airports…

But if you really want to go to Disneyland in style, I suggest that you drive! :pinch:


Whenever I’ve looked into airfare to go to Orange County you still have to connect in LAX so for me it would be totally pointless. I also have some wierd thing about flying into small airports, I prefer the big ones, but thats just me.

From LAX it is SOOOOO easy to get a shuttle into Anaheim that you would never have to worry about it. But looks can be decieving…DO NOT take the huge beautiful BIG bus with the picture of Disneyland on the side of it…instead take the Super Shuttle, it’s a nice small bus, and it’ll get you to your hotel MUSH faster. In may we wern’t even the last sotp and we had to tour around Anaheim for a good 45 minutes before our hotel came up on the list :S But there is always a bug leaving or about to leave taking you to Anaheim, so that’s not a worry.
As for renting a car, I only ever go to Disneyland and come home, we don’t usually tour around unless we’re visiting family, so we’re never rented a car (we just drive our own down there)

I :heart: this thread though inGAMba! I love answering things about Disneyland, it is where my heart lies…


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Anthony, all I can tell you is Southwest flies from Providence, and they have flights that go to LAX, Burbank and OC. OC is the closest to DCL, and would be the best choice, IMO. What I’m waiting for is the fares to come out for September and see which choice suits me best: length of flight, cost, times, etc.

None of the SW flights to that area are direct, that I can see.


I spoke to someone at my brothers Super Bowl party who told me that Long Beach Airport is a good one to use to go to Anaheim/Disneyland. He said it’s the only airport in the area that JetBlue uses. Of course this guy was an East Coaster who doesn’t know about So Cal like a native would.

Can anyone tell me if Long Beach is a viable option to use for Disneyland?


Wouldn’t you have to go to Boston to get Jet Blue?


Yes, Ddoll, or NY (LGA, Kennedy or Newark). And since I may be staying with family in NY in the days leading up to my trip that’ll be my plan.

If I leave from RI, I will have to go to Boston to get JetBlue. Or I can leave from PVD and take SW like you suggested, or some other carrier.


I just found out that from LGA and Newark, Jet Blue doesn’t even fly into any of those So Cal airports. From Kennedy, it flies into both Burbank and Long Beach. I try to avoid Kennedy at all costs. But Andrea did say that Burbank is a good option for DLR.

Maybe I’ll just avoid Jet Blue altogehter and fly into OC with another airline.


Ummm, I am not the biggest geography wiz in the world but wouldn’t Long Beach be FATHER away from DL than LAX is? As far as I remember, I will have to look at my map again but I thought Long Beach is even father away from I-5 than LAX. DL is right on I-5.


Don’t ask me! I’m a NYer/New Englander. That’s why I’m asking you guys! And I’m way to lazy to look at a map at the moment :tongue:


I’m not from there, but Long beach is pretty close to Disneyland, we go there a lot when we are on vacation. I’m not sure but I think LAX and Burbank would be farther.


I don’t know about the airport, but Long Beach wouldn’t be horrible.

Of course, you know what they say about the LA area… everything’s 20 minutes away. :laugh: Any of those choices are less than an hour away. And you’ll drive that distance what, twice? Just find the best price and go. :happy: