Ingamba's TR Bonus Thread - Jack with Characters!


Here he is with Lilo at 'Ohana


…and with Cinderella in the lobby at CRT.


Yeah, she’s looking at me…


…and with Donald Duck at Character Connection at Epcot…


…Jack with King Louie, Baloo and ingamba…


…Jack with Wendy Darling at Town Square at the MK. It became an obsession for me to…er, I mean Jack to meet obscure characters.


With Kim and Ron on the Streets of America…

Hey! What are you looking at Jack?


With Pinocchio and Gepetto


Jack met Ariel at Ariel’s Grotto in Fantasyland


…and Jasmine at Epcot’s Character Connection


Great pictures! Thanks for the pictures of Ariel and Cinderella! Now if only there was Snow White-you would be my hero! :wub:


You still going to be here in a few minutes? One hero, coming up!


Jack and Snow White at CRT


You are too funny!!! I just love those 3 princesses! Thanks for being my hero! :wub: :wub:


Those pictures are priceless…where did you see Pinocchio? And where is the Character Connection at Epcot? Jack is all smiles with all those Princesses! I can’t believe how much we missed last year.


Well young Jack certainly has an eye for the ladies. Did you ever notice the line for Ariel is always soooo long, and it is mostly dads??? :stuck_out_tongue:


YAY ME! I mean…yay…Ariel :wub: Great pics, he is SO cute!


Jack with The Incredibles in Tomorrowland


I love a bonus thread! These are great and Jack is a doll :heart:

Interesting pic of the Incredibles-the people in the costumes have some of looooong legs, lol.

I am wondering if that Wendy is the same one Cincy mentioned in his TR…


Pinocchio seems to be around Town Square a lot. Character Connection is a great new area at Epcot near Club Cool. There are always characters there (untill 5PM anyway). I found that the biggies (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald are usually there.