Ingamba's Trip Plans


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Thanks for starting the thread Bella. I promise tomorrow morning when I get to work, I’ll post in this thread about my upcoming trip in January. I’d do it now, but I’m kind of tired and don’t want to mess up any of the details.

I’ve made some ADR’s and already planned out an ininerary so I’ll post in this thread tomorrow.


I can’t wait to hear all about how you’re coming to FLorida to stalk me in January.


I meant…
I can’t wait to hear about your trip plans, either.

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Bella makes me laugh again :happy:


Ok, here goes, this are my plans for my upcoming trip in January, as requested by Cinderbella. It’ll read kind of like a Pre Trip Report, if there is such a thing.

Day 1

In my party are myself, my GF Danielle, and her 5 yo son Jack.

We depart freezing cold Providence, RI on Saturday Jan 21st and arrive later that day at Orlando after a layover in Cincinnati (sp).

Using DME we will arrive at CSR where we’ll hopefully check in to our requested room in Cabana 9b.

Since this is a travel day, we plan on familiarizing ourselves with CSR, and than ending our night at Epcot with Illumination.


BTW, I’m kind of an organization freak, so I’ve purchased a copy of The Passporter Guide, the one with the pages to fill out to plan your days, and pockets to hold your documents. So far, I find it very handy.

Day 2

Our first full day. This day has evening EMH at MK. We plan on starting the day at Epcot when it opens. We’ll probably grab Soarin’ fastpasses and wait in standby right off the bat so we’re guaranteed 2 rides relatively early. We’ll hot to MK later in the day and catch Wishes at 8, and than stay in the park for its EMH.

I should mention that our package included Park Hoppers, the water parks and Disney Quest (which I got upgraded to for free, using a code), and the dining plan.

We do not have any ADR’s for this day.

At this point, I would ask anyone reading this to offer suggestions for dining, or to make changes in my itinerary. I would also ask anyone out there to make corrections to any mistakes I may make along the way. For example if I mention something like how excited I am to go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, don’t hesitate to remind me that it has gone to the land of extinct attractions :pinch:


Day 3 Monday

This day we plan on hitting Disney Studios when it opens. As much as we love it, it’ll probably be the park we spend the least amount of time in during our trip. We have no ADR’s this day so we’ll be looking for somewhere to eat. I’m considering Sci-Fi Drive-In, as 50’s Prime Time will be closed for rehab, and it isn’t a favorite of ours anyway. Hollywood and Vine will be in our plans for later in the trip.

The middle part of this day will be spent at CSR in the pool if weather permits, and at DTD for some shopping and pin trading.

We will probably hop to MK and catch SpectroMagic at 7.


Day 4 Tuesday

Epcot has EMH in the AM this day. We will be there at 8 for the opening. We’re thinking of eating this day at the CS in Morocco. I’ve never eaten there, and have always wanted to, and I hear a lot of great things about it. (thanks Andrea).

For the evening we have our Fantasmic! dinner package at the Studios. This is our first ADR of the trip. We have a relatively early seating at Hollywood & Vine and than the special seating for Fantasmic! For me this is going to be one of the highlights of the trip. I did start a thread about this a while ago, I think, but my only concern is that it’ll be a little too intense for Jack. But good always conquers evil, and Mickey alway wins, so I’m sure it’ll be all good for Jack in the end. :mickey:


Sounds very well planned so far.

I would suggest snagging a couple of ADR’s, since you are on the dining plan. This way you’ll have a nice place to chill and eat between your touring.

If you haven’t been to Sci-Fi, go for it. It’s a very interesting place to eat and although it doesn’t get rave reviews, the food is good enough and kids seem to really love the place.

If you are heading to MK during the time you’d like to eat dinner, Libery Tree Tavern is such a great place and you get characters!

Can’t wait to hear the rest of your plans!


Day 5 Wednesday

This will be our main AK day. No ADR’s obviously, because of the lack of stidowns at AK, but we are planning on eating at Flame Tree. Tusker House is a favorite of ours, and we don’t like being at AK and skipping Tusker House, but I’ve heard lots of good things about Flame Tree.

We may split our AK day in two. The afternoon will be spent by the pool hopeully, and then we’ll return to AK and stay late for the EMH.


Day 6 Thursday

Ok, here’s where I may need some advice. We have 1030am ADR’s for Ohana. The MK opens at 8. We plan on hitting the MK when it opens for EMH, till about 930, than shooting to Poly on the monorail for Ohana. After that we’ll head back to MK.

Do you think this is possible? Is it worth it to do MK for just an hour or hour and a half and than head out to Ohana only to come back to MK?

We may not hop this day, but just stay at MK for the day, possibly taking a mid afternoon break.


Day 7 Friday

Big ADR day!

This is our CRT Princess Breakfast Day! Our seating is at 940am. This is very exciting to me. I know I don’t have a little girl, but I think just the Castle setting will be magical. Jack will be in his glory in the castle and amongst the princesses.

Of course part of the reason why this is going to be so sweet to me is because ADR’s are so hard to get for this, so it’s kind of like a mission accomplished.

The rest of the morning and afternoon will be spent at MK, than a hop to Epcot for…are you ready Bella?

AN ADR AT ROSE & CROWN! (but unfortunately, I won’t be proposing to Danielle that night)]

Yes Bella will be proud. It’s one of my favorite restaurants too, and Danielle has never been. Of course I strategically made the ADR to coincide with Illuminations. After that, Epcot is open for EMH, so we’ll have more time in the park even after Illuminations.


We will be there at the same time and it does not look like we cross paths at all.


Day 8 Saturday Travel Day

Our flight leaves at 3 in the afternoon, so our morning is free. We don’t know what to do yet this day, but it’s a tossup between Disney Studios (Morning EMH), or AK beacuse we will have only been there one day up to this point.

Please offer any advice you might have for me. Feel free to pick apart my whole itinerary if you feel you could improve it. I welcome any and all suggestions. And obviously, if there is something I’ve forgotten about, or if there is a place that I absolutely have to try, let me know.

I do have a lot of favorite restaurants that I haven’t ADR’d. This is because I haven’t finished with my ADR’s yet and also because, being January we may be able to walk in.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your input.


Are you trying to avoid me?? :tongue:


I do have a few ADR’s Buzz, but I’m trying to keep things kind of open, to maintain some spontaneity. It’ll be January, so I’m hoping that I won’t need ADR’s to even some of the more popular spots.

Liberty Tree is definitely under consideration.


At AK, you may want to do a late breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastsaourus or maybe lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Jack would love both of those and the food is good ,too. I reccomend Sci-Fi at MGM. I would also recommend Chef Mickey’s for breakfast,rather than O’hanas. But try to get to O’hanas for dinner instead. Have you thought about the Hoop de doo show? Consider it, because it is great! I will be coming back the day you arrive, so we won’t get to cross paths either.


On the contrary…I will be looking out for you in the off-chance that one of us OCD planners end up with a change in plans. Unlikely I know, but there is always the chance that we could be riding the monorail together or at DTD.
By the way I will be at LTT Monday the 23rd–5:40 PM :wink: :whistling :whistling


Thanks for the tip…I may have to “accidentally” cross paths with you! Especially since LTT is on my list of “really want to do but not sure if I’ll have time”