Injured guest on Peter Pan


Just read the following story of an injured guest on the Peter Pan ride. Couldnt get the link to work so I copied it.

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - A 71-year-old man visiting Disney World with his wife and granddaughter fell off a moving walkway leading to a Peter Pan ride and was pinned under a pirate ship that carries passengers through the attraction, an official with emergency services said on Wednesday.

The man, who was flown to a hospital by helicopter after being freed on Tuesday evening, received superficial scrapes and bruises in the accident and was listed in “very stable” condition, said Bo Jones, the deputy chief of Reedy Creek Emergency Services.

The man, whose identity was not released, fell from a moving walkway just before boarding one of the pirate ships that carries visitors on the attraction depicting the Peter Pan story, said Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons.

He fell between two slow-moving pirate ships and was hit and pinned under one of them before the ride was stopped by a Disney employee who activated an emergency switch.

The ride was closed for the rest of the night but reopened Wednesday morning, said Disney spokeswoman Lissette Campos. Campos said investigation determined there was no ride malfunction.


Glad to hear that he is ok


Glad he’s OK too, but I have to say that is such a safe ride tha this must have been a one-in-a-million kind of thing. Hope the press doesn’t make it into a huge fiasco…


Sounds like a helicopter flight was a little extreme for the stated injuries. But maybe because of his age and possible media slams, they thought it was best. It does sound like a one in a million accident.


I am glad he is ok too. Peter pan is such a lovely ride! What are the chances of that happening? Sounds like the CM did the right thing, quickly.


Yipes!!! Glad he was ok!!!


Ouch! Glad that he wasn’t hurt to badly.


Awwwwww - poor little granpa! I’m glad he’s okay. I swear I thougt I would be the first person something like this would happen to - I am so clumsy! The moving floor on the Haunted Mansion always scares me a little for some reason when I get out of my doom buggy. :pinch:


omgosh alicefan me too!!! That moving floor kinda freaks me out, just the part when you first step on or off of it I’m a little unsure of my footing. Likewise for Innoventions at Disneyland lol


I saw this on last nights news. Glad he’s OK and I’m not sure how he fell as I’ve been on the ride.


I can totally see how this happened. I’m always chicken that I’m going to fall while trying to board these conveyer belt type rides, too. I’m glad that he’s doing okay.


Too late!!!

Lil’ and I woke up Wednesday morning to a News-Talk radio program in Orlando. It was outrageous.

First they gave the story.

Then two people who obviously don’t know about PP started asking ridiculous questions, with indignant tones, “Well, was there a Disney employee there to stop the ride, or was this poor man drug for a long time unnoticed?”

Then the commentary started, “Disney claims this ride is safe for small children, but how can it be safe for a toddler if an older person can’t board it? Perhaps parents should rethink things before they allow their children to ride it.”

Okay, so now I’m foaming at the mouth I’m so upset with these newscasters. But it ends with this, “Disney insists this was not a result of a ride malfunction. But I’m sure the man’s lawyers will be involved soon enough. Also, we reported earlier that the man was listed in critical condition. Actually, he was treated and released last night.”

So, if I may, this is what the story should have said by an unbiased news account, “A 71 yo man tripped and fell on the Peter Pan conveyor belt last night, suffering minor cuts and scrapes. As a precaution he was taken to the ER, where he was pronounced healthy and sent home.”