Inluvwithdisney's really belated but great TR


Hi guys, we have been back for almost two weeks and I am just now doing this:redface:

I had such a great time but I came back to total chaos!!!:pinch:

I really want to share our trip tho soo I will be gettin on it finally!!!


ME – 39:pinch:
DH – 41:huh:
DD – 14:minnie:
DS – 10:pirate: (Turned 11 on the trip)
DD – 8:ariel:

Day 1 ~ May 30th

This was the kids last day of school!!! So off they went, and DH off to Work! AND me, yep, I had to work a 1/2 day too:glare: !! Morning went quick and before I knew it it was time to pick up my DD from her last day of Middle School!!!:crying: She was sobbing!!! A bunch of her friends will go to a different High School, so it was and emotional day for her!! But she perked up when I said its ok," We’re Going Home!!!" Next we picked up the other 2 and back home to get dad and we were off to the airport!!!

This is always such a fun feeling!!! Check in and security were quick so we grabbed a bite to eat and we were off to Tampa!! We landed in Tampa about 10:30 and our car met us and took us to the Clearwater Beach Hilton!!
It was straight to bed once we arrived!! Big beach day tomorrow!!:happy:

Day 2 ~ May 31st

Got up and got ready for the beach!!! We :heart: Clearwater!!! We went to breakfast at our favorite little diner near the marina, then hit the beach!!! The water was AWESOME and the day was perfect!!! After a few hours on the beach we went shopping at the cute touristy shops and bought some souveniers!! Then we headed to Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise!!! WE LOVE this cruise it is soooooo fun!! If you go to clearwater you gotta try it!!! For dinner we grabbed a pizza and then went swimming by the light of the moon!!! Like I said a perfect day!!!


Here is a picture from the Pirate Cruise!!

Oops that did not work I will try again!!:blush:


Yay! A new TR!!


Love trip reports even if its belated cant wait for more


Is this the pirate cruise that leaves from John’s Pass?? Seen it, but never done it.:pirate:


It actually from the Clearwater Marina!! It is a blast! We have done it a couple of times and even tho our kids were older they still loved it!!:pirate:


I’ll have to remember this for our next trip…my grandma is in St. Pete.


Not getting the pictures to work right!! I’ll keep working on them!!!

Day 3 ~ June 1st ~ Clearwater Beach and Universal Studios!

Up early again!!! Went back to breakfast at the Marina diner then on a speedboat ride around Clearwater beach!! Saw lots of dolphins!! It was a blast too!!! Then we headed back to the beach for the day!! We went in and cleaned up around 2 for our ride to Orlando!! Our car was 45 min late and the driver awful!!! Told us how to tip and what channels we could not listen to on the radio because HE was listening to them!!!:angry: I was very angry!!! He did not want us to tip on the card he wanted cash!! So because of haow wonderfully he did not treat us I purposely tipped on the card!!! And not well! Then I called his boss!! More on that later!!!
Anyway… we were off to Orlando at about 3:30!! Checked into the Royal Pacific! VERY NICE!! Since we got ther so early we decided to go to Margaritaville for dinner then Universal for the evening!!! I LOVE Jimmy Buffet and loved Margaritaville!! It was a fun place!! WE went on a bunch of the rides!! There was hardly anyone there!! We went on all but about 4 or 5 things!! It was alot of fun!!! Then we headed back to the hotel for bed because tomorrow is Discovery COVE!!!:happy:


Yes another TR to fill my days and keep me from working . . . :glare:!

I :heart: TRs!


oh my what a jerk … I hope you got your money back or something because of this jerk …


I got it to work!!!


Great start!!

I’ve always wanted to spend a day or two in Clearwater or Tampa, before we start a Disney trip.

Bummer about the bad driver :mad: Hopefully he got his in the end :ph34r:


OK - now you’ve got me hooked! :laugh: RPR is my favorite US/IOA resort and we :heart: :heart: :heart: Margaitaville! As for the parks, gotta love those magic hotel keys!


Oh my! That looks like some mutany-filled Pirate cruise! Looks like fun! :pirate:


Cool. Another TR. And I don’t care that it’s belated. It’s a TR with pictures!!! :happy:


Great! I was wondering if you were going to write a TR!! Waiting patiently for more. :slight_smile:


Oh… time at the beach, a pirate cruise, Margaritaville (favorite of ours too), sounds like a great start.


Here’s all 3 of my kids. As you can see there were not very many on the cruise that afternoon, I love that!!!:laugh: :pirate:


Day 4 ~ June 2nd ~ DISCOVERY COVE!!!:nemo:

We got up very early for Discovery Cove. I heard the earlyier you get ther the better! So we were in a cab on our way by7:30! Even driving up to DC was gorgeous!! My DH was sure we would be the only ones there that early, well he was wrong:happy: (I love that).

So we checked in pretty quickly and got an 11 am swim time with the dolphins!! As you walk into the park there are employees to greet you and guide you along the beutiful pathway. You take a compllimentary picture and then you are greeted by a “guide” who explains where everything is and then sends you off to breakfast!!

Breakfast was a good continental breakfast. While were eating the birds were everywhere you kinda had to guard your food:huh: My youngest DD was not really very good at guarding hers and a bird stole a croissant right off her plate!!:eek: It was hilarious:laugh: ( She did not think so:mellow: )!

Anyway we had a while before the dolphin swim so we got a place on the beach and visited first the Stingrays! That was very cool!!! The stingrays in this area were not very big! If you have done the Stingray swim on Castaway Cay these were very small in comparison. It was still amazing to walk in the water with these creatures and they were not shy at all, they rubbed up against you constantly!!!:happy:

Then we went to the snorkle lagoon. It was amazing!! And the Stingrays in there were HUGE!!! There was an area where they all seemed to hang out and it was a little eerie swimming thru there:blink: ! You could see the barracudas and the sharks behind the glass, they looked like they were in the same water with you and were huge too. Then on to the “pool” area. The area was sooooo cool, it was very warm water with a very unique “lazy” river!! It was very deep in spots and had very natural looking water falls and rocks on the bottom! It was fun! The kids loved the pool and river area!

After that we had a snack, it was great that you just had to walk up and get what ever you wanted!! Kinda felt like a cruise!! The it was off to wlak thru a couple of shops and go for our dolphin swim!! They give you some instruction and put you into groups. Ours was our family and another family of three. Then you head to the dolphin pool!!!:happy:

Our kids were so excited, me too. First they bring the dolphin in for you to pet then they have you direct the dophin to do some tricks, and each person gets to do a dolphin kiss. At some point you individually interact with the dolphin several times! You each get to feed the dolphin too. My youngest DD did not wat to touch the fish so she fed the dolphin ice cubes:redface: . Then you got to each have the dolphin pull you around the pool. That was amazing and so priceless to see our kids do it.
At he end they said they were going to give the dolphin a “TOY”! So they picked to people to get the toy from the dolphin! They pick my DS and youngest DD(The reason they picked them is we paid for a special birthday package for the two of them) So they giave the buoy’s to the dolphin and the dolphin brought them to my kids The buoy’s read Happy Birthday Cody/Jessica and they got to keep them!! It was fun. Then when we came out of the dolphin pool there was a lady with a birthday bag with a tshirt and water camera and they each got a free picture and DVD of the swim. They loved it. Then later they got a cake too and a little celebration too. I was glad I paid for it!!!
Then we went to lunch, which was unbelieveable! Very yummy! We guarded our plates more carefully this time!:laugh:
After that we snorkled more and swam some more and then went shopping! We picked up our pictures and DVD’s and then were off to the hotel again. We had the same guy pick us up he was great!
The day at DC was wonderful and amazing!! I would do it again someday! I liked that it was never crowded anywhere you never waited for anything!! And the treatment was incredible too, the only time we were not at Disney where I felt the treatment was top notch! It is very much worth the $$$$$!


Here is the birthday buoy!!