Innoventions Build Your Own Robot


I can’t remember which Innoventions this is in but do they still have the Robot Factory where you can build your own robot??



Sadly, there are no more build your own robots.

But there is a really cool recycling station, sponsored by Waste Management, that was big hit with us last summer.


What??? No more robot? I must have missed that. My kids loved that activity.


Nope, they shut it down. I remember because DT’s son Nate was devastated…he’d build like 800 every trip!


Well that stinks!!! I was looking forward to taking my DSS so he could build some for his girlfriend who can’t come with us. She would have loved to be able to put them in her class room for the kids!!!


What is th recycling station


I remember that because that is when I also told my DS,after reading her TR, and he was also really disappointed!


There was quite alot missing in Innoventions last time we went there. We always liked to send an e-post card from Innoventions but the booths to do this had gone last year.


Aw that’s exactly who I thought of when I read this thread! :crying: I’m so sad for Nate; it was fun to read about all the robots he built! :happy:


Its really neat, I think its 4 to a group, and you get your own little “recycling truck” to park at each recycling station, and you complete a task, and move on to the next one. It was so much fun we did it twice.


Ok now DH and I are really upset. We have our e-post card set as our backround on our computer at home and that is my avatar:nonono2:


Yep, it’s true–Plastic Works is no more. My son loved that place, we went through it at least twice a trip. We haven’t been in since it closed but I hope what replaced it is just as fun for the kids.


:laugh: He was crushed, it was one of his favorite things to do in Epoct, a must do. We have a whole tub of robots he built and brought home. I know Epcot has to keep changing things to keep it fresh so I understand but we’ll miss it.

PS, it was only 600 robots every trip!!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: