I’ve seen several people here really enjoy Innoventions, and the Unofficial Guide has great things to say about it, too.

I’ve been to DLR Innoventions, and, well… I think it’s a huge waste of time. Cheesy, and not in a good Jungle Cruise cheesy kind of way.

What does Epcot’s Innoventions have to recommend it that Disneyland’s does not? Or maybe they’re just the same and I won’t waste my park time. :laugh:



I’ve done a walk-thru of Innovations. Like you, I feel there’s too much else to do. I suppose if I were spending 2 full days at Epcot, I’d check it out.


If it weren’t for my DS, we probably would have just skipped it. But he really liked it. There was a video game that you had to use your body and jump to make it work. And there were other interactive things that he enjoyed. However, we spent less than 30 minutes there.


My favorite thing about Innoventions is that you can play Dance Dance Revolution for FREE!!!:wub:


Innoventions feels like a great big Science Fair…and since I hate science…and fairs…and anything like that I really wasn’t impressed with it…I get bored just walking around looking at things…


Okay… unless someone can still convince me otherwise, I’m definitely not putting it on my to-do list! Thanks, everyone!

And I have no idea what Dance Dance Revolution is. <g>



Dance Dance revolution is a fun dance game! I can’t beleive you can play it FOR FREE! My brother would die, he loves that game.

The inoventions at DLR REALLY IS a waste of time. It’s basicly just an air conditioned spinning building. I havn’t been in there in many many years. Sorry, I can’t help you with your question, I’ve never been to epcot.


Innoventions may not be a must-do, but there certainly are some things there that are quite entertaining. Both areas were redone in 1999. Check out this link for a quick rundown of what’s available at Innoventions East and West. The demonstration of the Segway Human Transporters in Innoventions East is pretty cool and at the Internet Zone, also in East, you can send a video e-mail of you and your family to anyone back home that you want to make jealous of the fact that you’re at Disney World and they’re not.


Only reason I ever made it into Innoventions was to take advantage of some air conditioning. I’ve never really found it interesting. Maybe I’ll go next time and check my email on the next trip.


Innovations is dull AFAIC. It does have one good purpose: giving one something to do while waiting for one’s FASTPASS time at Test Track. Other than that, it’s just a sales pitch for new tech.


I’ve never been in Innoventions but from reading that, I think I have to agree with you, cinderbella… that did seem like a science fair. Not in a bad way, just… in a science fair way. :slight_smile:


I have heard that many CM’s at WDW, DL, and WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) dislike Innoventions for its cheesiness and lack of strong theming to the attraction(s).


But you can play Dance Dance Revolution for FREE!!!(hmm did I mention that already?) You can play as long as you want until you lose the game, and then they kick you out. It’s that fun dance game where you move your feet to the different steps to which you are directed on the screen. It’s really cool.


Obviously I am in the minority here because I find Innoventions interesting! I don’t spend a tremendous amount of vacation time there, but I always walk though both sides to see what is new. Walt was a person on the cutting edge of his business and I think he would like Innoventions because it allows people to see what is up and coming technology wise.


You can play DDR at Disney Quest too, and it’s the actually video game unit. The last time we did DQ we watched this guy that was a total dancing king…made me not want to step up and look like and idiot!!

I don’t care much for innoventions either. My kids don’t even really like it.


Well, if you are asking for a comparison between EPCOT’s innoventions and DLR’s version, then there is no question that EPCOT’s is NO COMPARISON! EPCOT’s Innoventions span several buildings. There are showcases for the latest technologies, demonstrations, games, shows, and much much more. The cheap ripoff they tried to stuff into the old CoP at DL pales in comparison.

Now, the question of if you should visit is another matter. EPCOT is HUGE anyway. There is so much to see and do already that innoventions tends to go to the bottom of our list. Does that mean it’s bad, certainly not. It just depends on several factors, like how much time you have in your day, what the wheather is like, and what your interest really are. Is it worth checking out - yes, is it a can’t miss - no, is it better than the DL version - without question.


One time they were baking chocolate chip cookies. That was fun…


Obviously, yes, especially since Innoventions is MUCH bigger at EPCOT; in fact, I believe Innoventions (both East and West) is about 10 times the size (in square feet) than Disneyland’s version, which was crammed into the former Carousel of Progress/America Sings building.


Where were they baking chocolate chip cookies at Innoventions, and who was doing this? I never heard of anything like this at Innoventions, just corporate demonstations to take up space and free video games!


We entered Innoventions initially to get out of the rain, but ended up spending a good hour in there. In the Plastics Demonstration, you use a computer to design your own robot, then you make a plastic robot out of assortedparts that you can take home with you.(I’m all for free souveniers!) There is also a house of the future that even my husband was impressed with! It shows the latest techno gadgets for you house and you tour through a mock-up of it. The XeroX people have an ehibit there where you can get a picture of you put onto a calendar. I think those are free. Then we sent E-cards to some folks back home. There’s also a burning house-type fire safety exhibit for the little kids and Virtual reality stuff that I just by-passed. We may take time out to thoroughly explore this place next visit.