Ins & Outs of ADRs


I know, I know…after all of these years visiting the World I’ve never made an ADR. :dry:

Can anyone give me the ins and outs? Thanks!!


There isn’t much to it, but you’ll be glad you did it. Just call the WDW Dining line 180 days or less to when you want to dine. Tell them the restaurant and the approximate time. They’ll give you the openings close to when you want to eat. They might ask you if there are any children in your party and their ages.

Than when the day comes, just show up 20 to 30 minutes before your ADR time, and they’ll call you when your table is ready.

It never hurts to make more than you think you might use, you can always cancel them.


I was going to try to answer this, but then I realized that allearsnet probably already has done a better job than I can do. I looked, and yep:

Allearsnet ADR FAQ

I didn’t copy it to here because, well… it’s theirs. :angel:

If you’ve got any specific questions after that, I’m sure we can all help. :happy:


I’d like to add to what Andrea and I already said that if you make an ADR at Spoodles, when you arrive, do not order the Lemon Chicken. It’s dry and it isn’t even lemony!


In addition to allears, is a great ADR resource!



Make lots of reservations, and then canccel the onces you don;t want to use!

Also, remember that a PS (er, that’s ADR) can often be made by any CM with a telephone, if they have time! We learned this when we walked into France’s perfume shop and asked where we could go to make a PS… the very handsome French CM said in his excellent French accent, “But of course I can do that for you here madame!”