Insane new Star tours upgrade!


Our beloved Star tours is getting a new 3-D treatment, of course, and here is a link to a little video preview! I heart Star tours!


That’s awesome, it’s needed a bit of an update. We love Star Tours, it’s a must do for us.


Great news!! When is this going to start and when is the preliminary opening date? Riding the starspeeders individually will be amazing.


I love Star Tours, too!

…and I don’t get this new thing. 3D? But… the Starspeeder has a front window. How can things go past you or stick out at you?


eeew star tours makes me :blow:


Sorry Andrea, I have no answers at all… but I can’t wait to try it out!!!


Looks pretty cool. SWW 2011?!?


That works for me! Give them a call and set it up…


Any news on actual shut down and reopening dates???


oh I love star tours. The last time we rode it, it felt a little out of sync. This update/overhaul will be greatly appreciated.


That’s good news. It really was in need of an update! Maybe I’ll convince DH to go on it again. He got sick of it about 10 years ago.:laugh:


What!? You’re not personally responsible for imagineering it? :cool: :laugh:


I can not wait to ride (or whatever) this :heart: love star wars, it is so over due an upgrade.

you might like the video from the expo

YouTube - Star Tours 2 announcement at D23 Expo

May the force be with you:laugh:


That’s awesome, it REALLY needed an upgrade! I hope there are high-def screens too.


I always loved Star Tours. That is great news that it will be getting an update after all these years.


Star Tours is supposed to be closing in October for the refurbishment…to reopen sometime in 2011…no estimated date posted…This is one of my favorite rides; why can’t we have TWO Star Tours? Oh, well, guess it will be closed when we’re there in October…glad a rode it several times in January.


Wow! Thats really cool. Now I have a reason that my DH can get on board with for a 2011 trip!



I’m catching this thread late, but guests will not be riding individual star speeders.
Basically, they’re creating a new ride film that looks like instead of doing the climax of the first Star Wars (Episode IV) and blowing up the death star, your Star Tours star speeder will go off course and find itself in the pod race from Episode 1. The bigger news is that the new ride film will be in 3D.
Too bad we have to wait until next year for it to open. I’d guess in the spring.


[QUOTE=fjs08;1025442]Any news on actual shut down and reopening dates???
My guess is, unless there’s any major changes to the queue, they can take one ride cabin off line and do the modifications and make sure that everything is running right. After one proves out, they can take a second off line and still have the ride running at half capacity.
Now you have two modified rides and two original rides and you can then shut down the originals and soft open the modified rides. You now have one month to finish the project, which I believe should be possible, even if you only succeed in getting the third ride done and that will leave you able to handle 3/4 capacity.
And keep in mind that Space Mountain reopened before it was fully done.

Good question/idea!
(I mean, I do know why they can’t. The needs of full capacity with all cabins updated versus the choice of “original or extra crispy”, because unlike Mission Space, it really would be two totally different rides, one 2D and one 3D.)


Addendum: I do have a partial solution. They’d need to build a second building and bring over the Body Wars ride from Epcot. They could then either modify that ride to run Star Tours original or Star Tours extra crispy and just put Star Tours original though a heavy refurb.


I cannot wait for this upgrade! I watched the youtube d23 announcements on this. It sounds so much fun. I am thankful that it will be open when I am there in August. I ahve a big star wars fan traveling with me and this attraction is a must!