Insect Repellant?


Do we need to take insect repellent for our trip to Castaway Cay and Nassau?


When are you going? You can always take the handy little insect repellant wipes they sell now. Those are convenient and effective.


They also make a suntan lotion that contains insect repellant. My daughters where is all the time at the pool and parks.


Skin so Soft works well too:smile:


We LOVE those little wipes. I buy several packages at beginning of each summer. Cutter makes them. They can be hard to find in stores as summer goes on, so I always stock up. Had to give DD a lecture last year. Seems all her friends at camp liked her wipes better than their spray, and she was suuplying her whole group with insect repellant! :crying:


I have been down WDW in October, December and February. Never had the use for any Insect Repellant. Funny you mentioned this, I never of thought of that before leaving for WDW.



I have never used it in Nassau. The one time we have been to Castaway Caye we didn’t have any and also on other cruise lines private islands we haven’t, but I could see the potential.


We didn’t get off the boat in Nassau, so I’m not sure about that. Castaway Cay seemed very Disney-free of insects.



NO. We went in October to Nassua and Castaway Cay and both were bug free. You’ll love castaway cay, it’s so beautiful and relaxing!! Makes me what to go back right now, and it has nothing to do with it only being 30 here today! Have fun!!


There has only been one time that I wish I had brought some and that was on the Jungle Cruise at night. I kept smacking my legs and arms, I think the skeeters were out that pretty good that night. :huh:


I saw this listed on a packing list, so started wondering. I figure I would rather buy it before we leave than to pay double when we get there. We are going the beginning of August–are mosquitos a problem at that time??


For Castaway Cay and Nassau I seriously doubt it but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.


Hmmm…I’ve never had a problem with insects on either island…but I guess better safe than sorry…


Well, it was the jungle after all! :dry:


:laugh: :laugh:

Generally, mosquitoes stay away from the ocean, as it’s not stagnant waters. Intead, at the beach, you’ll get oter little biting flies and such. Also depends on what is on the land nearby (if there’s anything for breeding grounds). I haven’t been to either, so I can’t say.

But it never hurts to be prepared. And like Wish said, with the wipes in travel packs, they don’t take up much room at all. So I’d bring some just in case.


Don’t know about Castaway Cay or Nassau but have only needed it once at WDW. We were waiting in line at the poly waiting on the luau. The mosquitoes were awful. They were passing cans of Off down the line of waiting guests.


When my family and I were there last July, we had absolutely no problem with insects! I didn’t even SEE one!! :cool: