Insider Tour?


I’ve got a voucher for a free insider tour from VMK. Looks like it’s a 2 hour behind the scenes tour.

Has anybody taken taken this tour?


I have a card for that tour too, but sadly I have not had time to use it yet. Do you play on VMK too?


Yeah. Sort of cool diversion. Funny thing is they designed it for kids, but I’m guessing vast majority are kids trapped in adult bodies.

Been on since day 1 - got the pin to prove it!


How do you get that on VMK, I want to do it. I thought you had to do the tasks at the park to go? It would be great for me and the little VMKer in the house.


you have to register but once you do you can get in as a guest until registration is approved - mainly no naughty names I think.

Games to play, hidden mickeys to find, pins to trade. Just like real but no 100 degree summer days.


Me too! There are quite a few of us who play here :happy: Have you been to Mickeys other site Im sure there is loads of info about the tour there.


Vmkingdom is a great site. Vmkforums, on the other hand…