Instead of a WDW resort


… would any of you ever consider renting a local house with private pool, etc.? One of those rentals in gated communitites within 2 or 3 miles of WDW?


I have never thought about this… but could think about it… I would love to have a private pool!


We’ve considered it, but the convenience of the WDW transportation, and the comfort level I have with the children going off on their own (on Disney prop) out weigh the other.


I honestly don’t think I would MissDisney. If the community is off of I-4 or any of the surrounding highways you are going to be fighting SERIOUS traffic in the mornings getting to the parks. Aside from that, I don’t think I would give up the convenience of waking up and rolling onto a Disney bus. Are you planning on renting a car anyway? Staying on property would obviously save you gas $, rental car fees, and time.

Having a rental house with a private pool would be nice if you were there for a more leisurely vacation but I have the feeling by the time you get back from the parks etc the pool may not get as much use as hoped for.


That’s what I was thinking. If we were going for a nice relaxing vacation and throw in a day of WDW, then I would consider it. But if it was more for a place to stay while spending most of the time “sightseeing,” then we wouldn’t consider it.


I haven’t yet, but would definately consider it in the future. Especially if going for an extended amount of time, or with a large group of people. That would make more sense to me, than renting out a few hotel rooms that can only fit a few people. Being that I drive to Orlando, and therefore have a vehicle with me, I have no problem commuting to the parks. Plus that would give me a chance to get out and see the town a little bit - I hate staying holed up in one tiny area and then leaving without seeing the sights.

So yes, under the right circumstances, I would.


You wouldn’t beleive what traffic is like down here on 192 from 7:30 to 9:30 am. Its bumper to bumper, from one popular vacation rental complex (lindfields) to disney could easily take 30+ mins. (unless you know the backroads)


I might consider it, too. Especially if I was staying for a longer period of time, was really concerned about budget. I looked into it a little bit and you certainly do get a lot of amenities- don’t underestimate the appeal of a dryer that will actually dry your clothes in a single cycle.


I’ve only stayed offsite so I would certainly consider it if I didn’t use a family members timeshare. We normally stay in the parks all day so traffic has never been an issue for us. This will be my first time staying on property so I’m sure I’ll get very spoiled but staying offsite is not as bad as people make it out to be.


Not for me, because I like to park the car, at the resort, and Never leave WDW. :smile:


You shoulda known the answer Miss Dis, we’ve all been way too spoiled!! LoL
Personally though, I have thought about it since I’ve had to wake up mornings to drive to MK to get to work. Also having lived in the area I know a lot about the surrounding tourist areas. By not staying on prop it makes it easier to go to the Fl Mall or mall at Millenia. I mean yeah yeah I’m there for Disney, but on prop is a pain to get off prop and go to say seaworld. Plus having my own private pool would be sweet, I just worry about gators; yes they seem to get into peoples pools all the time!
Also at the end of a long day I would just love to unwind and not worry about people running outside the hallway making noise and the pools being full with screaming kids. Oh yeah and then I wouldn’t have to deal with people asking me soo many questions!! I REALLY need to stop wearing my lanyard that says Cast member on it…thank Mickey I know my resorts/show times/and attractions! LOL


Stusbabydoll did it - they had a GREAT house with a big pool - and they seemed to have a PERFECT vacation when they went - they’d get home from the parks, and someone would go get dinner, and the kids could jump in the pool!

You know, at a resort, it’s sort of an ‘event’ to get to the pool, because you’re not right near it…

She had a large group of people, though.

I wouldn’t consider it because it just wouldn’t make sense for us - we’ll never go down for 10 days at a time, etc.


I just don’t think I could do this…I like to be totally “in” the Disney frame of mind. It just wouldn’t be the same not being on property. Plus…I might be expected to cook!!! :eek: :pinch:


When I first got the bug to go to WDW, I thought some family from Ireland may join us and I looked into pool homes. I bookmarked one I really liked and was looking at it just the other day and thought that maybe after our first trip, if we could talk extended family into going with us on another trip, a home might be an option for us as we really like being together under the same roof and not everyone would be going into the parks everyday.


Hi, MissDisney!

My family and I rented a private house on the West side of Disney with a private pool in July 2003. I needed four rooms as my children, parents and an elderly (handicapped) uncle where travelling with us. We enjoyed the experience. Of course, nothing beats staying on Disney property, but needing all those rooms was a lot less expensive. We also had our own washing machine and dryer, internet hookup and cooked our own meals. We had two vehicles there, so my DH, DDs and I were able to go back to the parks to see the evening attractions. If you are driving, you will have to pay for parking for the parks, but keep the tag as you can get back in later without paying again. I would advised not renting a house on the east side. You will be very frustrated with the traffic on the main drag. It will take you forever to get to the parks.

Hope I was helpful, Anne


Having stayed about 1/2 onsite and 1/2 offsite - I would definetely consider renting a house. I have stayed in 2BR timeshare and its nice to have a some room to relax after a day at the parks and my DS would love his own private pool.

As for parking if you are AP, there in no fee for parking at the parks.


I think about doing this at least once before every trip, but staying on-site always wins out for us.
Maybe in the future…


Thanks everyone for your thoughts… It was good to hear the range of interest in this kind of thing!


I gotta be honest with ya… I’ve never even thought about this at all. How much does a week at one of these rental homes cost?


We stayed off site last trip. We were less then 10 mins. from MK. The home we rented was beautiful. 4 bedroom (one a master suit with a jacuzzi) 3 bathroom, living room, full kitchen, laundry room, dining room. It was a quiet gated community right off of RT. 192 (I think that was it…) We had a private heated pool too.

Off season (january) it was $104 with the tax and the pool heat charge a night.

There are some pictures on the bottom of this page from my trip report:

It was very convenient for us as there were 10 of us on the trip.


ps…there was one morning out of the 10 then we hit traffic and it took us about 20 mins to get to epcot ~ but honestly, how much quicker can you get from the value resorts to the parks when it’s a bit busy?