Insulated coolers into the parks?


To save money,we want to pack our lunches and bring them into the parks when we go. I have brought my lunch in before but that was 1 lunch and it was just me with no cooler. We want to take a soft sided cooler in but I don’t know if that is ok. Can anyone tell me if we can bring coolers into the park?


Looks like no wheeled coolers are allowed… does your cooler have wheels? It also says that they do allow “coolers for medication” which makes me think they do not want coolers for anything other than madication, but I am not sure. Here is the section regarding coolers from the Disney site’s FAQ page:

[I]Q. Are there any personal items I should not bring with me into the Theme Parks?

A. Items that you may not bring into the Theme Parks include, but are not limited to:

Items with wheels, such as wagons, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, two-wheeled or three-wheeled conveyances, strollers larger than 36" x 52", suitcases, coolers, or backpacks with or without wheels larger than 24" long x 15" wide x 18" high (coolers required for medication may be stored in a locker or at Guest Relations), and any trailer-like object that is pushed or towed by an ECV wheelchair or stroller
Alcoholic beverages
Weapons of any kind
Folding chairs
Glass containers (excluding baby food jars and perfume bottles)
Pets (unless they are service animals)
In Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park (for the safety of the wildlife), balloons, straws and drink lids are not permitted.[/I]


:huh: That is really not very clear if we can or cannot bring lunches. No, our cooler will not have wheels. Just a strap for carrying.


I found this…

Cooler Policy

Theme Parks:
Full size coolers whether with or without wheels are not permitted
Coolers smaller than 24"L x 15"W x 18"H (the size of the large lockers) are allowed


Ok, that is a better answere. I believe ours are within those measurements.


We have always taken coolers in but be careful not to leave them unattended!!:pinch:

We did and they brought out dogs to sniff the contents to see if it was a bomb!!!:eek: After that we were more careful!! You can wheel them in with you to the ride and leave them with the attendants at the ride then get them at the end!!!

We always take drinks, snacks and lunch stuff!!! AK DOES NOT allow rolling coolers at all!!! Only ones you carry!! You can leave you cooler at the guest services office or rent a stroller if you have a rolling cooler!!!:happy:


You could always rent a locker and leave it there until you need it. That way you won’t have to drag it all over with you.


If you use a soft sided cooler they will just look inside like all bags and let you through. We had one for milk and formula in 06 with small snacks.


I always use the blue blocks and a small lunch bag when I bring in sandwiches.