Interested in AKV points-250 in Jan


I’m considering renting points as an option for my large family vacation. We’d need two, 2-bedroom villas and AKV seems to be the least number of points and thus the most affordable for our group of 12. It’s 250 points for our 5 nights and 2 villas in Jan 2013. Anyone have that many available? And at what cost? We’re comparing cost to that of CBR with 4 rooms ($3300 w/o discount). Also, a side note, my Mom (the money in this adventure) is picky about sharing rooms so something like a 3 BR Grand Villa anywhere isn’t an option unfortunately. I think it’ll take some convincing to get her to agree to 2 villas vs 4 rooms.


We’re about to the 7 month point and I have enough points for your stay. Looks like you are pricing 2 br value - these tend to book up early because DVC members are cheap. :laugh:

Not sure about actual availability because I can’t online book until 7 months prior to check in date.

Have you considered renting points for 4 studios? Would be slightly cheaper (180 value, 210 std view) or only slightly more for Savannah view (280.)

Email me with your dates and I can give you exact points for different options and I will email you with a rental agreement to look over. If you want to have the best chance at getting value or std view units, you need to be have a rental agreement in place so that I can book ASAP on the 7 month date.


Thanks! Just sent an email.


Does she know that AKV has a pool table in the Grand Villa though? Our room was located by a very large family using a GV so their door was constantly open when we were leaving and arriving. Seemed like someone was always enjoying a game of pool.


Haha! No, she doesn’t. The Grand Villas aren’t as cost effective anyway. She has a pretty exact budget in mind since there are 12 of us. They are 19 points higher per night than 2 of the 2 BR Villas.


I think although the grand villas look wonderful, I’d go two 2 bedrooms too. Having two sets of washer/dryers are nice. The only drawback would be if you had rooms waaaayyy apart or if you had planned to get together for big meals. You could all squeeze into one villa for pizza or something like that, but not really sitdown meals.