Interesting article about the computer systems at WDW


Computerworld has publised an interesting article concerning the computer systems used at WDW. Apparently, the entire park is covered with a wireless, 802.11b network, so that, in order to outfit a mobile shop (ie. food and wine festival, pin cart) they don’t need access to a hard wired network, they just connect to the wireless network, and are up instantly. Just another use of emerging technology in use at WDW.


I think this is totally cool. I have an Apple Airport network (802.11b based) in my house, and my wife and I use it all the time. I can’t imagine how many headaches this is solving for the WDW folks.


Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the next step would be to install touch screen kiosks around the parks where you could make priority seating requests, or check out how full a certain restaurant is, or email resort guests, or get fast passes for any ride in any park, or reserve seats at a show, etc…

Would be nice if they could open up the network as well to visitors, but I guess that would decrease the security of the entire system.