Interesting info about Marvel characters in the Parks


I was reading up on the Marvel characters and when or if they would be brought into the Disney Parks and I came across some interesting info. Apparently Disney is contractually restricted from using the characters in any US park east of the Mississippi River unless Universal stops using the characters. Ok, I wondered about the Monorail train with the Avengers on it. Well that is why it is on the MK loop and not the EPCOT loop train. The MK doesn’t enter the MK as does the EPCOT train enters EPCOT. I do believe though it doesn’t cover all of the Marvel characters but of course it does the major ones that Disney would be interested in using at WDW. As far as DL and overseas locations Disney is planning to implement the Avengers into attractions, shows, etc. as quickly as possible I read.


…that is just crazy!!


Very smart thinking on Disney’s part about getting the marketing out there and walking that fine line of not to get it in a park.


I really can’t wait for either that Universal contract to expire or we just buy out Universals contract and get OUR characters back into OUR parks :laugh:


I think it’s a little odd to be in Universal and see Disney stuff…


Actually, I think it’s odd to see Marvel stuff in Disney stores. I just don’t associate the two entities.

I also think it’s odd that Disney owns the characters that Universal Studios has built its theme park around.

Having said that, Disney was smart to buy Marvel. I’d like to see all the films (Spiderman, Fantastic Four, & etc) pulled into the same distribution rights so their could be some cross overs.


I am sooooo confused…I don’t understand who owns what anymore…I just think of Disney as Disney…just give me the characters from the movies with the castle in the opening…lol…that’s all I want…I couldn’t care less about associating any marvel comics with Disney!!!

And I will Always think of DHS as MGM studios…hmmmmph…


Cavey…you’re right. I think it’s even more odd to go to the Disney Store and see Spiderman stuff. I wish they’d keep them seperated in the parks/stores until they are completely integrated. It’s good that Disney was able to acquire Marvel but at the same time kinda sad too. I think Stan Lee should have been able to keep the rights to his creations.


I think Stan Lee has “million$$” of reasons to be happy with that sale. He’s 90 years old and worth more money than all of us on this board combined.


I wonder if he’d adopt me?

I don’t think I want Marvel at Disney - it just doesn’t “mesh”. Marvel seems sort of “harsh” and Disney is much more “fairytale”.


[QUOTE=llama;1116038]I wonder if he’d adopt me?

I don’t think I want Marvel at Disney - it just doesn’t “mesh”. Marvel seems sort of “harsh” and Disney is much more “fairytale”.[/QUOTE]

I agree, and I am a huge Marvel fan. I think the purchase is a smart financial move, but incorporating Marvel into the Disney universe just feels odd–like your little princess suddenly dating the punk rocker.


I think the Marvel Characters could be added to DHS easily, but I am not a fan of seeing them in the other parks.


Ditto. Having 3 girls they all grew up in the pastel fairytail fluff offered by Disney, but unfortunately that doesn’t do much for the guys.


No, that’s just the contract’s provisions that Universal negotiated with Marvel years before Disney even thought about buying Marvel.
Disney should consider itself lucky that Universal didn’t secure rights for any Universal park anywhere in the US or the entire world for that matter.

And Disney has already given up many years worth of Olympic coverage on ABC/ESPN when they bartered Olympic rights in order to reacquire Oswald from Universal. I don’t know what else they have that they can offer Universal in exchange for the rights to their own characters east of the Mississippi.

And you still have the mess of Fox, Sony, and Paramount having movie rights to various Marvel properties to contend with as well.


Boy have I seen that movie a bunch of times.
Funny how all those princesses turn into the nastiest women at the drop of a…:wub:


They should just buy out Universal Parks and make it like a seperate “resort” area geared towards teenagers and adults. Call it Disney’s Super Hero Park or something.


Like Disney has $2.5 billion they want to shovel to Comcast and the Blackstone Group for two more parks, three hotels, and a water park, and then once they own the parks, need to change almost every single attraction because the properties are either owned by Universal outright or they have very tight long term licensing agreements.
Meanwhile, Disney might take control of Hulk, Spiderman, and MiB, but they’ll be dealing with Sony and Universal for rights because of existing deals that were made long before Disney acquired Marvel.

And just why would it make good financial sense to buy out Universal Orlando? Even more, why buy just Universal Orlando and not try to acquire Universal Hollywood and the international Universal parks?

Super Hero Park?
Have you ever really spent time at the Universal parks? Marvel Super Hero Island is one of the Islands of Adventure, it’s analogous to Frontierland or Tomorrowland. The whole park is 6 different “lands” arrayed around a “central hub”, does that sound at all familiar to you? Hmmmmm?

As a stockholder, I would be very much against this.
As a consumer, I can’t help but think if Disney did this that they would be spreading themselves far too thin to benefit the two downtown districts, six parks, three waterparks, and nearly 30 hotels that they would be operating in Central Florida.

The most recent examples of what happens when one park chain takes over another aren’t very good examples. First Premier bought Six Flags and I don’t have to tell you how bad their balance sheets are and then nearly a decade later, Cedar Fair purchased the Paramount Parks from Viacom. This is working a bit better, but still, with the change of ownership came a massive amount of renaming and retheming of attractions as Cedar Fair lost rights to all of Paramount’s properties including all Nick characters, which of course blew up their kiddies areas.


Wow, sorry …it was just a sarcastic comment, and no actually, I’ve never been to universal.




Don’t be sorry. Especially for sarcasm on my account.
My own question about having been to Universal was partly sarcastic because of the likelihood of your spending at least one day in one of their parks.

But every time the discussion turns to stuff like this, I tend to get a bit analytical. And when that happens, I get down into the weeds.