International Gateway


We are leaving for WDW in 33 days and staying at BWV and since our last visit we let our annual passes expire and will renew them when we arrive. My question is, is there a guest relations office at the International Gateway building to renew our passes that we can walk to, or do we have to go around to the main Epcot entrance to do so.


There should be a guest relations in the hotel. They should be able to take care of it for you.


I was under the impression that Guest Relations in the resorts themselves could not renew APs that will be much easier if we can. Thanks


You might be wright. I just assumed that they can take care of most ticket needs or they can guid you in the right direction.


Yes, you’re right. You can only renew at the parks and at Downtown Disney. And to answer your question, yes, there is Guest Relations at the International Gateway - we renewed ours there in Sept. - and it’s a great place to do it - always quiet - you rarely have to wait.


Llama is right, it’s a great place to get park passes taken care of becuase there are very few people going through that way so there’s never a line to wait in.


Thanks so much for the info. Now I don’t have to work my way around to the main gate to take take of the renewals.Just a quick walk will take care of it.