International Program


I live in Canada and I really want to do the International Program…has anyone else done it? Liked it? Hated it? Intrested in doing it?



Im from Peru… I did International Program… I simply LOVED it!!! :mickey:


Hi Maguilart,

My daughter is 15 and wants to do the International Program when she is old enough. I have way too many questions to post, but is there any website where I could find information on the Int’l program? How did you like it? How long was it? Where did you stay, do they provide living quarters?.. see! too many questions… and I got a lot more.



Hi Alvaro,

The website for College International Program is College Program, Im sure you will find the info you need there.

Disney does provide a place to stay (it is discounted from your weekly check), and transportation to/from work.

I shared and apartment with other 5 girls, peruvians too… but we didnt meet before we decided we would share an apartment… they all became my friends and the girl I shared the bedroom with is my best friend now. Since I stayed 1 exta month than the other girls, I had to move to another apartment… this time we were 7 girls total! 4 peruvians and 3 brazilians… we still get in touch.

The experience of working at Disneyworld is simply great and MAGIC… I was supposed to be there only 2.5 months, however I got an extension of my contract and stayed till the last day my work visa permitted it… those 3.5 months were simply amaizing! You get not only to enjoy and work the time there but also to meet TONS of people… and make memories each and everyminute…

Im not sure about the procedure you have to follow to apply directly, my university has an agreement with Disney Co. and thats how I got there… however, I have a couple of emails that might help you out… Send me a PM and Ill be glad to send them to you. :slight_smile:

Thats a lil about my experience, of course I have sooooo many things to share about it… if you have any other question, I have no problem answering :mickey:

#5 This is a great site even if you’re not going to the International Program. I found it while looking for photos of the apartments as my daughter is going to be in the Fall Advantage (domestic) Program. She starts this May. I’ve heard they hire international students to work at Epcot and they live in the Commons Apartment Complex. They have a different season than the U.S. students. They try to correlate it with school schedules.

It’s such a great way to for a young person to start out, especially if they’ve never lived away from home before. Transportation to work and shopping is provided. Their rent/utilities is taken out of their paycheck so the only out of pocket expenses are food, entertainment and long distance phone calls, oh yeah and lots of souveniers.