Internet access @ Coronado Springs


Is there an internet room @ CSR that we can use or is there only the internet the rooms available? We are wondering if we should bring our computer to chat with DS & send pics to him etc. Not sure if it’s worth the cost of paying for it in the room. We almost the computer last time but opted out because of lack of carry on space. If we could just use their computers, it might be cool.


You need to bring your own laptop and use it in your room using the hotel’s (for pay) internet connection. Your room comes equipped with a network cable, but I’d suggest you bring your own for convenience.
I guess the CSR has a business center for e-mailing, but I’d expect them to be locked down pretty tight in terms of allowing you to connect your camera and upload pics as well as on line chat.
Also, usually business center computers come with an even heftier price tag than 24 hours of room based internet connection.


Thanks for the info.I will pass it on to DBF. I think we will probably bring our laptop. (Maybe I can stuff it into a larger carry-on & “kill 2 birds with one stone”.)


They also have wireless access in the main building.


Which will be a separate charge from your room connection fee.
(As far as I know)


High Speed Internet
High Speed Internet Access is available at Coronado Springs. The price is $4.95 per hour or $9.95 for 24-contiguous hours charged to the room account. Bring your own cable but if you forget, cables are hanging in the closest area of each room. Technical support is available via your room phone by dialing 56.

High Speed Wireless Internet
Wi-Fi is available to Guests staying at CSR!!! Guests with Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers or PDA’s will be able to access the Internet from the common areas at CSR. Smart City is the vendor providing this service and 24-hour technical support for those Guests who need it. Smart City will bill the Guest using a secure credit card transaction via the on-screen Internet connection. Requirements: Requires a wireless interface card (WIC), available for purchase in the resort’s business center. Price: $4.99 for the first 60 minutes or $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. Coronado Springs areas include the Main Lobby, Convention Center hallway, the Dig Site (Feature Pool), Francisco’s.


Thanks so much AGAIN! It is appreciated.