Internet Access?


Is there wireless internet access on the Disney cruises?


I don’t know the answer, but I’m posting to tell you I want the old avatar back (you know the one I mean :wink:)

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They have computer stations for a cost as well. Are you thinking about taking a cruise?

Wireless Internet Service

If you have a wireless ready laptop, you can use your personal computer to access the internet while onboard both the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.

Access is available at:

Cadillac Lounge (Wonder)
Sessions (Magic)
Wavebands (Wonder)
Rockin’ Bar D (Magic)
Promenade Lounge
Studio Sea
Cove Cafe
Open Decks (9 & 10)
Atrium (Decks 3, 4 and 5 Mid-ship)
Wireless internet access is not offered from the staterooms

Wireless rates:

$0.75 per minute
$55.00 for 100 minutes
$100.00 for 250 minutes
Printing is not available for wireless connections


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Thanks for all the info jk8…yes we are cruising in 5 weeks!


What dates are you going?


I don’t have any answers either…just wanted to say I miss you! :wub:


If you buy the rate plan, is it good just for the lap top OR the desktop machine. I.E if I buy the rate plan while on my laptop I can only use the minutes on my laptop and not on the desktop machines?


You might be better off on a 3-4 or 7 nite voyage to buy an unlimited access account good at their terminals… and splitting it with one or more fellow PAX. On a 7 nite sailng it is $89… and split 4 ways it would come to $62.50 of savings for everyone. Of course, you’re not supposed to do that - and only one persona t a time can access the web. So - with 4 users who are not heavy addicts - you should be OK.