Internet Access?


Not exactly sure where to post this thread - but wondering if there are any places close to Disney that have free internet access? I know you can access from your room for a 24 hour period for $9.95 but wondering about any coffee shops or similar that might have free access close - we have access to a personal car so a quick road trip is totally possible.

Please and thank you! :cool:


if you are on the att plan you have hotspots at mcdonalds and starbucks…downtown disney macdonalds should be part of that


Wow, that is awesome! Thanks for the help! :mickey:


I would check on that though…have never used it …but i use ATT and most if not all have wifi…as do starbucks…panera bread has it also


Thanks, I will. I knew that Panera Bread was an option, but did not know where any of those are - I will just do a search and fine one. I know where all the McDonalds are though, so I will definitely check that out.



where are you staying?

I know there is a McDonalds close to the All-Star Resorts…most McDonalds around here have free wireless access.


All Star Music - so you are thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking - there is that one McDonalds right there - very convenient. Thanks for the feedback! :mickey: