Internet connection inside the resorts


Hi everyone…hubby and I are staying at PC in September and plan on bringing a laptop along with us. I know that they don’t have wireless connection but does anyone know how their dial up works? Do they cahrge for a specific time period or what? Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks guys.


Soory guys posted in wrong section!


I would also like to know about this internet thing too for my trip coming up if anyone could post any info that would be great!


I also would like to know!!! We are getting a laptop to use on trips and stuff and would like to be able to use it.


OK only VERY limited resorts have internet connections. PC or any of the Values or Moderates(minus Coronado Springs) for that matter have high speed internet. HOWEVER all resorts have dial-up(obviously). Some examples of resorts with high-speed internet (wireless and/or wired connections): CSR, CR and CRT, Poly(?), GF, AKL(?), Swan and Dolphin (?).

Also, if you have access to DisneyQuest they have an internet cafe there, that is included in the admission price.


Yeah didn’t care about the high speed thing…As long as I can get on to my computer in the morning Im happy!


I know the ones I’ve stayed at at least have a data port of some sort. AKL had one, and I recall using the line at All Star Music to send out an emergency email. So, I do believe this covers the gamut. You can always ask at the front desk to be sure.