Internet Service Advice


I wanted to see if you all can tell me what internet service you use and if you like it.

Our free 6 months on AOL is about to expire and frankly it is way to slow. Anybody use NetZero or Optimum? Any suggestions?? :blink:


I use Road Runner cable service from Brighthouse and it is really fast. I hate AOL. Waaaaayyyyy to much advertising and useless junk. Plus, I could never connect, it was always busy. My cable service is always on. It rules!!!



I use cable modem from Comcast our local cable company. Their service is great!


I would upgrade to Cable or DSL!!! It is well worth the price difference. Check with your local phone company and Cable company.


I have DSL through our phone company. I would never go back to dial-up.


I use a Cox Cable business T1 at work and have Verizon DSL (700k) at home. I recommend DSL over Cable to my clients because it is far cheaper and the cable connection seems prone to allot of down time in our area. The DSL connection has never gone down and is less than ½ the price of the cable one that goes down weekly, although not for long, but it does go down… I will be changing over the work connection to DSL soon.

AOL, that is a virus in my vocabulary, I have charged extra for working a AOL or Juno/Netzero system with problems.


We use a dial up service still :noo: :noo: :noo: . Would love to go on to a high speed service (cable or DSL), but we do a lot of traveling (wife just finished school in CT, and trips to FL, CA, CO), and my IP has local dial up numbers no matter where we go, so it is nice to take the lap top with us. We get good service, just at a slow speed.


As far as dial up, my MIL has Earthlink for a bit and it was pretty darn fast…especially for dial up.

We have had Cable modem through our cable companies(in Hawaii and here in Savannah) for the last 6 years and we will NEVER go back to anything else.