Internet Terminals


We are heading out to WDW on the 31st and I was curious about something. We’re staying at the Yacht Club and while I know that the room will have internet access, I REALLY do not want to bring my lap top on vacation!

Due to the fact that I will need to check my various e-mail accounts while away from home and office, I was wondering if the Yacht club had a business center with terminals on a pay per minute basis, or if there are any internet cafes (with computer terminals) somewhere within the WDW premises?


I am not sure about that. If you have to check in, I would think it would be less of a hassle to have your laptop with you and just check in while you are in your room…you can do it while you eat breakfast. If you have to go to a business center or internet cafe, you are making extra trips around to just check in with your email…it’s going to make it more annoying for you. Try calling the YC resort and asking about the business center.


I bring my laptop all the time. I can download my pictures from my camera and do the email thing while relaxing at night.


I know you didn’t ask this but we bought a tiny laptop just for travel. My DH has a huge laptop, it’s nice but too big to take when we fly. The little laptop doesn’t have a hard drive (I think) but with thumb drive we don’t need one. We can log on and check email (and MouseBuzz) and my DH can keep up with any issues at work (he’s an IT guy) yet it fits in any backpack. I think it’s maybe 5 inches by 7 inches and weights a couple of pounds.


Thank you everyone for your responses! While all of you have valid points, another thing I would like to avoid is overspending on internet access. I have a feeling that the Yacht club will charge $20 per day for internet usage as do all the “ritzy” hotels (you have to stay in a Holiday Inn Express to REALLY get taken care of!!!). Needless to say, internet would cost me $160 for the week!!! A little spendy eh? I would rather save the cha ching for somthing better such as dinner at Artists Point…

I know that if there are terminals that are by the minute (similar to the ones that one can find at a business center at a convention center or standard hotel), I think I could wrap things up in about $5 a day… $40 is definitely WAY more palatable.


Let us know what you find out. I would definitely like to do this (rather than lug the laptop and pay through the nose) when we go in January.


The only room I have ever had that came equipped with a computer was a club level room at the Contemporary in 2006. It didn’t work very well anyway, and I wasn’t going to get involved with tech support, as I had my laptop with me.
I wouldn’t expect to find anything more than a network cable in any room at WDW which will allow you to connect your laptop’s network card to the hotel’s network. Once you do, you will be charged $10 per day for access.


If you do have to pay I believe it’s $9.99 for 24 hours of access. You might be able to only pay that every other day and save some money if you time ot right.


According to disney website, the hotel has a business center which usually means that they have computers with internet access.