Interval International


I am looking at a timeshare in VA that trades weeks through Interval International. Are there any trading relationships between II resorts and DVC resorts?


Not at the moment. DVC has a contract with RCI only right now, but it used to be Interval. It could switch once the contract ends but I’m not sure how many more years that will be.


No. RCI has so many more properties (although overall not as nice IMHO) that there are more options to trade.

From what I understand, trading into DVC can be tough.


When DVC was with Interval (and thank you very much for changing without letting anyone know Disney:glare:) it was practically impossible to trade into DVC. We actually “knew” someone at Interval and were able to if we went through him. Otherwise, we had no luck at all. I don’t know if it’s any different with RCI.


We’ve traded into DVC for years. We were always able to when they were with Interval and it’s pretty much the same with RCI. It seems easier with RCI since you can see most of the inventory. If you check regularly for when DVC resorts are deposited, you get your pick of every DVC property.