Interview advice?


Hey mousebuzzers…

So, I’ve already done the WDW College Program and been a campus rep… and now I have a phone interview this Sunday night (2/27) for a Professional Internship at WDW in management. I was just wondering if anyone’s interviewed for a professional internship with Disney before and if they had any advice for me? Or if anyone else knows anything about management in general. I graduate in June and I would looove to head back to Florida to work for the Mouse again.

As always, Thanks!


My advice is PM PrincessJill, she JUST began her PI, I believe in the beginning of Feb or end of Jan. SO she has just gone through the PI applying and interviewing process. She is realllly helpful too!

Also check out her blog for GREAT insight and information! Doing As Dreamers Do: A WDWCP&PI Blog

I’ve only done an internship, not a PI, but I can’t wait to get a chance to apply for one! So I know how nervous and excited you must be!

Her PI is an education PI, but I’m sure the advice will still help!
Hopefully thats helpful! :happy:

Fingers crossed!