Intresting Items?


Anyone else bring intresting thigns with them on holiday? Stuffys? Pictures, etc.?

This holiday my friend and bought those big foam fingers (you know…the ones from baseball games and such) we got white ones and drew three black lines on the back (like mickey gloves) and on the front decorated and wrote “Disney’s #1” We’re going to take them with us to the airport so everyone knows where we’re going! :laugh:


What a clever idea. I like it.

What’s a stuffy?


My kids take their favorite stuffed animals- Daniel,the dog and Lambie, the lamb. They also bring their big tigger hats and all their pins. We like to set up a display in the window of our room with our stuff. I bring my own beach towels, although I don’t really consider that odd.


I’ve got an odd one for you. DH has to bring his own toilet paper. He will not use what he calls “John Wayne” toilet paper.


LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: HAHAHAHAHA Rough tough and don’t take no @#!% off anyone!! Right?

My DD and DS take their blankets!


We ALWAYS bring our own body soap, shampoo and conditioner. The soap provided in the room is okay for hand washing but I prefer my regular brand of soap for taking a shower. I also take along my own pillow.


I take my Splash Mountain towel, that I bought on my first ever trip to Disneyland!


If possible, I take my pillow any time I leave home. This summer we are flying so I will have to leave it at home so I can take as many clothes as I can. I am sure I will make it but hotel pillows are just not the same. My DS has to take Muffin, his stuffed dog. I also take as many hangers I as shirts so I can hang everything up once we get there.


my pillow, definately. mostly because of the road trip thing, and plus i like my pillow. and usually a stuffed animal, simba or something. :biggrin:


My own pillow! One trip however my middle son (age 7 at the time) took his favorite stuffed dinosaur (A Hallmark #13 from the movie Dinotopia). For an entire week the dinosaur travelled into the parks with us in my son’s fanny pack (which he wears with it facing the front). On every ride we went on, he would open the fanny pack and pull out dinosaur’s head so that dinosaur could see the ride too! It was so sweet!


I never thought of taking hangers. Don’t they provide them in the rooms? If so, how many, and can you request more if you need them? We’re staying at CBR- how are the pillows there? I don’t have room in the suitcases for mine. I’m starting to get the pre-trip jitters, can you tell?


Sorry to say we haven’t made the trek to WDW yet. :o( I’m addicted to my own pillow (once made my hubby turn the car around and drive back about 40 minutes out of the way because I had forgotten it and left it at my mom’s house when stayed there for a visit). I’m sure the hotel pillows are great, I just sleep better on my own. I’d also think the hotel will provide extra hangers if you request them. No jitters! Have a great trip!


lucky underwear


in the words of paris and nicole…thats hot



There are pillows and hangers in each room. I like my own pillow, I sleep better with it. I throw some of the cheap metal hangers in the bottom of my suitcase so I know I will have enough to hang everything up once we get there. The 6-10 hangers in the room isn’t enought of me, I want to hang up all of my shirts once we get there. I have never tried calling Mousekeeping for more hangers–do they have extra?


Not weird, but I always bring my Animal Kingdom and Epcot towels. There’s nothin’ worse than those chintzy Disney pool towels!