Introducing DakotaKid


I would like to introduce our newest member DakotaKid. He is a Disney fan that has visited almost every Disney park in one year.

(oh and Queensmama he is a Husker fan too!!)


welcome, DakotaKid.


Welcome to DC, DakotaKid! Glad to have you join us!


Welcome! wow i would love to visit almost every park in a year!!! wow what a dream come true i wanna hear all about it.


WOW!!! Welcome to the Happiest Disney Forum on Earth!!!


Welcome DK!

You two related or something?


Welcome! Yeah Tigger, tell us the connection!


WELCOME!!! You had an amazing year!!! :heart:


WELCOME!!! By visiting every Disney park in one year are you talking Paris and Tokyo too? I WANT to hear more!!!

Welcome, have fun here!!!


Well welcome DakotaKid. What’s your name mean? Do you have a Dodge Dakota, or do you live in one of the Dakotas?

I’d love to hear about your Disney Theme Park Quest…


Ughhh, not another child of the corn!!! :dry:
Well welcome to DC anyway even if you have odd football priorities. :tongue:
Now get posting and avoid tigger at all costs, oh but if you know him I need not warn you. :ninja:


Welcome to DC!


Welcome to DC, Dakota!


Nebraska fan, huh? Do y’all still want Houston Nutt? :laugh:


Nope never did :wink:


Welcome DakotaKid!!! You will have lots of fun here~ promise!


Welcome to DC!!! :mickey:



I like the name too! :tongue: :wink:


Welcomet o DC!!!

A friend of Tigger’s is a friend of mine!


Welcome DakotaKid!! Glad to have you on board!!! :slight_smile: