Introducing the Walt Disney World Dogs Panel


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (Apr. 1, 2010) – What do a bull dog from Alabama, a labrador from North Carolina and a golden retriever from Maryland all have in common? An affinity for all-things Walt Disney World!

Buster, a bull dog from Alabama, is one of the new WDW Dogs Panel members

Announced today, based on the overwhelming popularity of the Walt Disney World Moms panel, the new Walt Disney World Dogs panel! The Walt Disney World Dogs Panel is an online forum where guest’s dogs can get insider tips and insights for vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort from real dogs who have mastered the art of planning a Walt Disney World vacation. Each doggy panelist was selected to share their vast knowledge of the Disney World resort and personal secrets of success with other dogs who are considering a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Dogs can pose questions to the panelists, as well as gain access to other valuable park insights and vacation planning tools for booking a Walt Disney World vacation.

Dogs can ask the panel such questions as:

[li]Which resort is best for me and my master?
[/li][li]Is sniffing Pluto a faux pas?
[/li][li]Will the rumored Doggy Kingdom every be built?
[/li][li]What kind of dining plans are available for dogs visiting the Walt Disney World resort?
[/li][li]Can I order off of the adult menu, or is there a special doggy menu?
[/li][li]When purchasing park passes, do I figure my age in dog years or human years?
[/li][li]I am bringing my friend with me, who happens to be a Chihuahua. Are there any rides that she will be able to ride?
[/li][li]Is barking acceptable in the parks? This animatronics kind of freak me out, I am worried I won’t be able to control myself!
Each Walt Disney World Dogs panelist brings a unique perspective to the vacation planning process, providing personal answers to questions which remain online as a reference for future site visitors.

“This is the most interesting group of panelists we’ve ever had” said Meg Crofton, president of Walt Disney World Resort. “In the past, dogs didn’t have any resources available to them to help them in planning their Disney World vacation. Now we’ll be able to share even more insider Disney park secrets and travel tips with dogs visiting the Dogs Panel site.”

For more information, please feel free to have your dog visit the new Disney World Dog panel site,


April fools?


What a great idea for the dog lovers out there. :laugh:


LOL!!! Too Funny!


I agree with Dopey!

April Fools ???

Nice one Mickey!


I think we have been had, since I don’t think any of the resorts are pet friendly.


Good one, Mickey. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Can my golden retrievers be on that panel?? :wink::happy: ('cept they don’t have Mickey ears)


Buster is SO cute!


…OF COURSE, MICKEY, no dog panel is complete wthout my Bearded Collie (aka Shaggy Dog), Megan… And she doesnt need mouse ears, being that she’s actually sort of a Disney character herself!