Since this doesn’t belong anywhere else, I guess it goes here in the mouse trap? Golly I hope so!

Anyway, I was thinking, these forums are still small enough where everyone can know everybody else. Maybe we could introduce ourselves? Kinda give a little insight on what we like, dislike, do, not do, etc than we have in our profiles. I guess I’ll start.

I’m John. I’m a student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Toledo’s Lorain County campus. I’ve been obsessed with Walt Disney world for about 2 years now. In those two years I’ve visited 3 times and had a blast each time.

My goal in life is to be an Imagineer at the Glendale office. I’ll be one of the dorky guys sitting at a computer all day writing code to control the new ride systems or something. I’ll love it!

My favorite three rides at WDW are Tower of Terror, Rock’n Roller Coaster, and Test Track; in no particular order.

My favorite food is probably mashed potatoes (with some Velveeta mixed in for good measure! yum!) and I dislike beets. I mean, really dislike beets!


Hi! I’m Erin! See that guy above me? That’s John, better know as my buddy and the person who introduced met to this board. (JFmoe is one of my buddies too, but I don’t if he will admith that :smiley: ) I’m a high school senior, I play in band, I’m an Academic Challenge Co-Captain, a Teen Institue member, and a pretty good sudent. :slight_smile: When I’m not doing all that, I work at the local library. I plan on going into Computer Science and Engineering next year also.



Hi, I’m Matt Lewis and I am also a member at

I have been to disney for about a month solid. I’m seventeen and live outsied of philly. if you want to find out more just e-mail me or aim fromgn78


My name is Josh and I’m a Disneyaholic. (Your line “hi Josh”)

I have been dry for well never.
I guess it all started in November of 1999. I was introduced to it by someone I trusted (choir teacher) and I couldn’t stop doing it. At first it was not to bad but my friends just kept pushing telling me to “try this” and “oh yeah try this too”. Before long I just couldn’t think of anything else. It started to consume my life. I had to have more and more. Park tickets and trivia books it started innocent enough, but before long I was doing CDs, Pin Trading, DVDs and anything else I could get my hands on. I even started stealing it. My friends showed me how to do it. Just put in the search and out it comes pure and fresh free Music. It seems so easy to collect, you know, one MP3 here, one MP3 there. Pretty soon I had 10 hours worth of buzz. By that point I knew there wasn’t any turning back. I’ve been doing what I can to continue on with daily life. I’ve joined some support groups ( intercot, disneycentral, wdwmagic). They help quite a bit to take off the edge. Recently I can’t stop craving Disney. I have tried continually tried to figure out how to get my next big Disney high. I have even considered working for the Disney (College Program).

So you see that is what has brought me to this point. Every day it is on my mind and I cannot escape its grasp.

I’ve introduced my other friends to this support group. Michael Darling and he introduced my friend Daisyduck. Michael is every bit addicted as I, and he started out much the same way.

I do many other things to keep my mind off the Disney. I am a student at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. I spend my time there majoring in Theater Design and Production. Specifically I want to create Sound Designs and run sound for touring productions. I take part in other activities. I do things like skiing and sailing.

No matter what I do I can’t stop this addiction. It’s a part of me that I haft to live with.


Yeah, I’m sorry… I was the one that introduced you to Pins… forgive me…


yes John it’s all your fault :frowning:


Hi! I’m Jess, I’m a Disney world newbie. I’m married with 2 kids ages 6 and 3. I own my own business, a dog walking and pet-sitting service. We have one dog, Benny the pug (my 3rd baby).

We had our first Disney experience, just a few short weeks ago in November. I’m pining to go back. My brother moved to Orlando almost 3 yrs ago, and had been trying to get my family down for a visit for the longest time. I kept putting it off till my littlest one was out of diapers. That well behind us, we took the plundge, and had an awesome time.

Now I’m planning our next trip, and it won’t come soon enough!!!


Hi bennythe pug! Don’t we all pine to go back? I went with my family in the summers of 1993 and 1999. We’ve started a tradition of going every 9 years. I’d be in my twenties the next time, but I know I’ll go again! I want to go NOW!!! :slight_smile:



Hi everyone! I’d Julian (aka Steamboat Willie) and have been Disney obsessed all my life. I love Disney merchandise, parks, films, you name it. I’m a huge Disney collector (5,000+ pieces and going strong!). It’s nice to see a new truly up and coming board like this that really is serious about what it’s doing like LaughingPlace and MousePlanet. My advice about competing with the other boards: don’t compete. LaughingPlace doesn’t compete- it links to tons of other sites, which makes it very comprehensive and, in turn, truly one of the best public Disney resources.

Anyway, enough philosophy. Keith, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I was the first registered user here who wasn’t you or Minnie. Am I right? I have absolutely no clue how I stumbled on this site originally. The first time I came it had that “coming soon” image. Well, I hope Disney (what a domain!) takes off! Good luck Keith!

Steamboat Willie


HI everyone! I’m Dani, and Michael and Jfmoe are my good buds… Erin is a buddy to me too, but i don’t remember her name at the moment.

Let’s see… my Disney obsession such that it is… I love Mickey, Jack, Eeyore… Pooh… and tinkerbell, among others… I have not ever been to DisneyWorld or Land, but with John and Josh always talking about it, I wanna go!!! :slight_smile: Maybe someday… I’m still having fun learning all the little oddities and fun things about Disney…

Um… I’m in band, for the fact that I love playing my flute in concert band… Drumline is fun for marching and the people on drumline are fun, but my flute is my true passion. I also am involved in theatre, as a techie, not much of an actor… I love building things with my hands and a hammer… I do sound for the most part for a show… I’m also an art person… i guess overall my mind is for the arts.

I’m going to go to college to be a high school teacher, i’m thinking either English or Special Needs…

I’m going to go away now… My art upstairs is calling my name… :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Verónica, I’m married with two kids ages 4 and 1.We are from México.We’re planning our trip to the World the next December 2002. The first to my husband and kids the number twelve for me. I can´t wait to see it for the first time throught their eyes, and share all the MAGIC with my family.

Mom ,dad and my sister come with us.We decided to spend our 10th wedding anniversary in the earth of dreams.

Well, it´s all for now.I hope I can be your friend too.

PS.SOORY ABOUT MY ENGLISH.:stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome aboard Veronica! :wink:


(whoops, I may a posting boo-boo earlier, sorry!)

Hello, all! I am a mommy to a 2 year old girl, step-mommy to girls 5 & 8 and am a third year law student.

I love Disney and have since I can remember. My first trip was when I was 2 and, since I live in S. Fla., I have returned to Disney 2 to 3 times a year. I truly have an emotional attachment to the World.

On May 20, 2000, my husband and I eloped and were married on the Grand Floridian beach at sunset. I always knew I would be married at Disney.

Of course I am starting my daughter on the Disney track, too! We last went for her second birthday in October and everyday since she has talked about Dumbo, the Teacups, and the Merry Go Round. She will be the Disney Princess I never got to be.


My name is Ron. I am 40 years old. I’ve been married for fifteen years and the father of 3 beautiful children. I teach emotionally handicapped adults for the school district. My degree is actually in Biology Education. I am also a graduate student. I intend to get my Masters in the teaching of Emotionally Handicapped. I love Disney World. As a young child I had been to Disneyland while my fater was stationed in San Diego. In the 70’s we moved to Key West and I took my first trip the first year The Magic Kingdom opened. I have been there 7 times. 5 of those since I was married. We went once before kids. I have stayed at the Institute(but it was the Disney resort villas then) All Star Movies, All Star Sports x 2. and Dixie Landings. This Feb. we are going back. It is a surprise to my kids,they know nothing about it. We are staying at Fort Wilderness in a cabin. Its only for three nites but I know we will have a blast. Our last trip was Halloween 2000. We had gone because we had such a good time the Feb prior, that we had to return.My goal that year was to be touched by one of those giant puppets in the tapestry parade. It did not happen in Feb so I had to go back. I wanted to be touched so bad that I made sure I was on the curb and waiting two hours early. And I was touched. My wife even took a picture! It was great. On this trip we are staying at Fort wilderness because I have always wanted to stay there since I was a kid. I cant wait. I have been planning this since our return Halloween 2000. I won a 5 day hopper plus pass ona rewards site called I have also been saving change and clicking other internet rewards sites to earn $$$ and discounts. It has worked well. Well enough about me…


my name is Rob and I’m an alocoholic… woah, wrong board :smiley:

I’ve been going to Disney since I was in my mommy’s belly, and now work there in entertainment.

I am 20, and currently pursuing a degree in Public Relations…

did I mention… NEVERMIND! :smiley:


hey gang I’m (drum roll please) goofy! I’m just a normal kid.

Well this may seem wierd but i absoluetly hate hot dogs! but i love pizza(cheese that is).

                   is that good enough for you well goodbye:) :D :) :D

Heya, folks!

My name is Cat, and I’m a 30-year-old female artist from Rhode Island, USA!! I’m currently making my living selling my sculpture of happy little animal and monster creatures, and writing stories about them (you can see some of them at my website, if you like).

I have always embraced creativity that reminds us of the sweetness and wonder of children, so Disney fits right in! I used to love to go as a child, and imagined that someday I’d grow up to help “take care” of the animatronic creatures – I assumed they needed someone to pet and feed them, I suppose!

I finally turned my husband onto Disney a few years ago, and now he’s practically as crazy for it as I am! We’re going back in a month (Feb 3 to the 10th, 2002), to spend a week at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista (one of the Downtown Disney hotels), our first time ever staying on property!! We’re so excited, we’re just jumping up and down!!

If anyone has suggestions for their favorite restaurant theming experience, please let me know! We certainly enjoy the food, but David & I both agree that it’s the theming that we love the most about our dining experiences at Disney. Thanks in advance for the help!

My bestest wishes to you and yours,
–CAT :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by trilliumB
If anyone has suggestions for their favorite restaurant theming experience, please let me know! We certainly enjoy the food, but David & I both agree that it’s the theming that we love the most about our dining experiences at Disney. Thanks in advance for the help!

Your wish has come true:

Hopefully you will get additional feedback prior to your trip!


Yeah, so I’m Amy… If you have read the Intercot boards you’ll know me from over there, so you wont have to read this and you can put your head on your desk and go to sleep
but no snoring

Right… first off, I’m 19 and I live in England, and I wish EVERY day that I lived in America, cause it’s just y’know better… I study equine science and managment at this college Disney has been part of my life for all of it, we first went to WDW when I was just 5 (awww) and we have gone every year since (except 1992 when we went to Gran Canaria…boooooo) I especially love the Magic Kingdom, I know lots about it.
I bore all my friends with disney, I think they justy stop listening when I rant on and on.
My Favorite Character is Br’er Fox, but I also love Kuzco, cause (and this is a bad thing) I see a bit of me in him!
My favorite Disney Classic animated is Robin Hood
My favorite Disney newer animated is The Emperors New Groove…
I also love the Nightmare Before Christmas !

I play flute sax and clarinet and I sing, I’m a pretty musical girly ! with music being one of the most important things in my life next to disney !

My favorite band at the moment Blink 182 (not mentioning the fact that I swoon every time I see Tom Delonge :angel )

But I generally like anything that is punk/rock, and will listen to any music except Dance (I hate it)

Well I think that’s enough of me now… anything ya wanna know, just ask



Hi Im Tnkrbell!!
I have been a huge Disney fan for awhile now!! I am a member of the Dis, and found this place from your member Cinderellafifi!!(Im her hairdresser!! :D) Lucky for you guys to have her she is such a beautiful person inside and out!!:smiley:
I hope to be a regular around here its always nice to have other sites to visit and to join others with the passion for Disney!! :smiley:
I just reread what I had posted the other day and My goodness I had major spelling errors!! lol I guess I should proof read!!! :smiley: