iPhone users - Free Disney Fairies App


[B]Disney Fairies Fly Lite[/B]

[I]Fly with Disney Fairies for free in this sample version of what many have called “The best kids game for iPhone and iPod Touch!” Fairies Fly Lite lets you fly with Tinker Bell in one level of Beach Cove. The full game features five worlds, more than fifteen levels and all Tink’s Fairy friends!
Full game description:

Fly with the Fairies and discover a world of adventure and fun. This magical game captures the excitement of the changing seasons in the heart of Never Land, in a place called Pixie Hollow.

— Fly with the water-talent Fairy, Silvermist, in the cool waters above Spring Valley.
— Iridessa, the light-talent Fairy could use some help to light fireflies in the Summer Glade.
— Help catch flower petals as they flutter in the breeze of the Autumn Forest with Rosetta, the garden-talent Fairy.
— Soar over the Winter Woods with Fawn, the animal-talent Fairy, as she gathers nuts and berries for all the animals preparing for winter.
— And let’s not forget Tinker Bell! Fly with Tink to find lost things at the Beach Cove. You can even explore Tinker’s Nook to see video trailers, images and collect exclusive wallpapers from the Disney Fairies movies!

Simply tilt your iPod or iPhone to guide your Fairy. As you fly, try to pick up items and collect Pixie Dust to score points and unlock new surprises. Watch out for birds, thistles and other hazards that might slow you down. With dazzling graphics and a beautiful orchestral score direct from the creators of the Disney Fairies movies, you’ll soar to new heights with Fairies Fly!


Fairies Fly Lite features one level of Beach Cove with Tinker Bell.

Here is the link: App Shopper: Disney Fairies Fly Lite (Games)


OOH I am going to see if I can get that for mine, its cute.


Yeah!! My husband and I are going when he gets out of work to purchase out iPhones!! Are they really as great as people say?


Just picked it up, Thanks. The graphics are so pretty. I killed quite a few birds before I learned how to fly. I guess it helps to read instructions.:laugh:


Hey- do you like your iphone? How long does that battery last? I am dying to get one, but I can’t talk my husband into it. He thinks that I don’t need it… Doesn’t he realize that I need to check in at MB throughout the day?


You sound like DD9! I just got her a new wii game and she says, “this stinks!” and stomps out of the room. I said “What?” she says, “Well I don’t know how to play!!” I say, “READ THE DIRECTIONS!” :laugh::laugh: She says “OH, good idea!” DUH! :blush: