Iron in Value Resorts?


Is there an iron and board in AMo?


I think they have them in all the WDW resort rooms…can’t remember about all stars for some reason, but I think they do.


We usually stay at Pop, and we’ve always had an iron and ironing board in our rooms.


yes, they have a iron and ironing board in all resorts!


ASMo has an iron & ironing board.


Yep, it’s in all the values in the closet area!

If your room is missing one, you can call Mousekeeping and they will bring you one!

They’ll also bring you a bedrail for the bed for the little ones!


I don’t know, I never take any clothes that need ironing to WDW!:laugh:
(Ok, let’s be honest here, I don’t iron very much at home either.:eek: Please don’t tell my mother.:ph34r: )


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

me neither . . . my Mother would be shocked to even hear I know what one is!


I’m almost certain there has always been an iron and board in all our rooms on property regardless of grade.