Is 4weeks too long?


Is 4 weeks to long to spend at WDW? We are travelling a long way to get there and won’t be back in a hurry. We did a week at DL last year and with a large group and 5 kids found that that wasn’t long enough. What are everyone elses thoughts on the ideal time to stay?


We’ve done 2 weeks and it didn’t seem like long enough, four weeks would be a dream.


Gosh, it would be a dream for me too! There are so many things that you could do in that time.


No way 4 weeks is too long … we have stayed 3 weeks and it was not long enough. My friend in England always stays atleast 4 weeks, mainly because they do come from such a long way off…
besides … there is no Too long at WDW… you still can not do it all :slight_smile:


You’re coming a very long way - so I don’t think it’s too long. You can always include Sea World and Universal in your plans. They’re both great parks, with lots of great attractions. If you have a car, you’re only about an hour from NASA. Not really my cup of tea, but my dh loved the place.


4 weeks!!! I would love to go for 4 weeks. I would love to plan all 4 weeks! What a great vacation you will have!:smile:


I agree, 4 weeks is not too long especially with kids. A Longer trip will give you time to relax and take it all in. We did almost 2 weeks before and it went by so quick!


As long as you plan and take into consideration everything you can do there, 4 weeks is just a beginning!


:laugh: I agree with you!
Four weeks would be great!


Four weeks at WDW…wow, I’d call that paradise! I’m dreaming of trying to go for 10 days next time but 4 weeks would be sheer bliss! Enjoy!


IMHO 40 weeks is not too long. :smile: 4weeks would let you take your time and try to see everything. :smile:


Thanks everyone. I’m definitely going to let dh read these replies. He mentioned that he wanted to do other things besides WDW. My answer was ‘what else is there?’ :slight_smile: I really want to enjoy it and see everything that I can see and as with the rest of our group, believe we need the extra time there.


There’s so much to do at WDW and in the immediate area, that I don’t think 4 weeks would be too long. If you are coming a long way, you might as well make all your travel time worth it!


I’ve never been to disney so i’m not sure. I think i might get tired of anything after 4 weeks. However, I think Orlando has ALOT to do and I Don’t think anyone could get tired of Orlando in 4 weeks.

If you can afford 4 weeks and i say go for it! If you get tired there is a lot to do close by.


I think 4 weeks is a dream for lots of us! As it has been said, you can always take a day here and there for Universal and Sea World.

If you have the time and money, they have the game!


LOL, that’s so true! :laugh:

I love Orlando!


Maybe it’s because I go for day trips all the time,but I think 4 weeks would be a bit too long.


You are probably right about the day trips…if you only got to go once a year or once every few years, it would feel alot different to you.
I think getting to take frequent day trips would be great though.


A day here and there for WHAT???


We stayed for 10 nights (12 days) last trip, and towards the end of the trip, we were ready to head home. 4 weeks in Orlando does sound like a huge amount of time.

Have you thought about adding a cruise to your trip?