Is 5 years old to young to start pin trading?


Should I introduce DD to pin trading on our surprise trip in March? It would be new to all of us. Is 5 too young to start? Please give me some advice.


Oh and what kind of pins should I start with?


5 isn’t too young at all to start!! In fact,Cast Members with the green lanyard around their necks only trade with children younger than 12. As to what kind of pins you should buy to trade,only do ones that you know you wouldn’t miss having.


I think it’s a perfect age! I would maybe let her pick a few out here and there.


I started off my DS at 5 years old! :biggrin:

He had lots of fun doing it. He did trade for lots of really lame pins, but what can you expect from a 5 year old?

This last trip my family made to DL, we showed the kids how the special Cast Lanyard Pins have a hidden Mickey on them and then the kids pretty much focussed on those.


It’s never too young to start an Obsessive Disney Habit!

I have heard that you should stick with one type, or one theme for the little ones…either that, or let them pick what they like.

For instance, the TOy Story Characters, or something… :c)

I really don’t know much about it, but it sounds fun!


MJ is the equivalent of a two yo in a big body and she pin trades, with her we only give her pins that we aren’t afraid to lose and she often ends up with strange pins, but she loves the interaction with the Cast Members.


We started 4yo DD this last trip. I bought her some off ebay to trade way. And everyone, I mean everyone wanted to trade with her. Even non CM’s who thought she was just to cute with her lanyard. One lady had a huge book of them and let her pick two out that she wanted for a AK one. Everyone was really nice and DD had so much fun.


Thanks for the tip about green lanyard. I would have never known that.

I think I’ll start searching ebay now to get her some pins. Thanks y’all!


Oh my goodness yes!! It will be fun for the whole family!

Here is a good site:


Okay so I checked out ebay. How in the world do I know how much too bid? I have no clue when it comes to pins. What would yo say is the highest to go including shipping? What do the pins average at WDW, we’ve never even looked at any. Any tips on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.


Well…5 isn’t too young, just as long as your kiddo can get a job to support the habit… :laugh:

Actually, JD isn’t quite 3 yet and he has a pin collection started. His Pop and Memaw (both WDW CM’s) started it for him. We have fun trading for/with him. We usually try to stick to his favorite characters and favorite WDW attractions…



It’s been a long time since I’ve bought pins on Ebay, but I know that when I started I was buying auctions of multiple pins for about $2 per pin. It’s a great way to jumpstart your collection; LOTS of people are looking for individual pins, but hardly any are looking for multiple pins in one lot.



Thanks for the site dhoughton that was very helpful! Thanks for the tip brucmg!



Check out this auction . 40 pins for about $40 right now.



They have a SPOODLES pin! Aw, man, I wish I could have gotten one of those! DS4 would have LOVED it! (And we’re not even pin people! :laugh:)


Ebay is a great way to get a nice number of pins that you can trade. They start off at about $6.95 at the park! On Ebay I got 25 for $40, and that was a good deal. 40 for $40 is a great deal! :wink:

Just be careful to not get Sedesma and other non-official Disney pins… Oh, and always check the shipping costs too! :biggrin:


I accidently bought some Sedesma for DD, and non of the CM cared. DD even traded one of them for a really big pin off of a green Lanyard CM at Pin Traders. I told the CM I didnt think it was fair, she said it was DD trading and not me. :dry: :tongue:


I think 40 pins for $40 is a steal.


I honestly don’t think that 5 is to young to do some pin trading. It’s a lot of fun and gives the kids a chance to interact with the CMs. My DD has been doing it for the last three trips and loves it. Get her a stater one and a few traders and let her have a blast with it.