Is ADRs can be swapped we are hoping someone would want to


These friends of ours are going when we are…we are hoping once during our trip we can eat together.

We would like to get 12/24 HDD at 5pm for 4pp
~OR~ 12/25 CP at 5:30 for 4pp

We have and will give up~ 12/18 WCC at 6pm for 6 people and 12/25 WCC8:30pm6pp

Plus ONE of the following 12/24 Trails End at 5:30ish OR 12/25 The Plaza both are for 4pp.

if anyone wants to swap let me know. NOt sure its can be posted here or not, we just really want to have 1 meal together over our vacation.


You are not going to be able to get into HDDR…that thing sells out and I can’t see anyone swapping…if the person isn’t on the DDP, they had to pay in full for that show with a credit card or at least that used to be the policy for that show.

Your best bet is walking up to a restaurant at around 3pm for a late lunch…you may luck out that way.


well we have our ADRs we wanted to see if someone was not going to be going anymore and canceling there trip in the case of Hoop Dee Doo.

We are trying to get them into the same place as us thats all. If no one will thats fine , figure I had nothing to lose by asking. They have a place to eat we just wanted them to join us for a meal.

I am posting for her she wants to eat at Hoop Dee Doo with US and at CP with US.

Maybe someone will have to cancel there trip and can let us know then she can call to try and book it when they cancel.


Keep calling someone may cancel. I would call every day, maybe 2 times, once in the morning and once in the evening.

HDD is going to be tough because they may get a reservation but you’re seated in order of when you book so they wouldn’t be able to sit with you but at least they’ll be there. A few years ago I think I needed to drop 2 people from our HDD reservation and I had to cancel the whole thing and rebook. It may have just been the CM I got but I know I had to start over because I was worried about losing our good seating since we had booked so early the first time.

Good luck!!


Keep calling . . . in July when I went, we were waiting to be seated and we saw a bride and groom (could tell by the ears!) checking the menu . . . and my Dad says . . . look at those two thinking they are going to get in!!

Well, guess WHAT? As soon as we were all seated . . . we saw them being seated at a table . . . guess they wait to see if there are no shows, then seat the walk ins!! You could try that . . . altho, you’d HAVE TO HAVE a back up plan, just in case!!


Definately keep calling every day…can’t hurt to try for sure. If someone is having second thoughts, they will definately cancel cause they will be charged if they don’t cancel in enough time.