Is anyone at Disney right now?


My curiousity is up. Touringplans crowd calendar has today, tomorrow and the next day at “10’s” so I’m wondering if anyone there can let me know how the crowds really are at the parks today. (Can you tell I’m still in my panic mode, as the week I’m going is almost all 10’s also.)


Hey, I just noticed, I’m SINGLE DIGITING DANCING!


There are DEFINITELY people at Disney right now! LOL

Crowds should be very comfortable for the next couple of weeks.


Spring Break has sprung. The parks are crazy and will only get crazier up til Easter. But don’t fret. You can do it!


Does being there in my mind count?


Remember, its vacation so just go with the flow regardless of crowd levels (yeah right… tell DH that). Just be sure to make it a priority to get on the rides you have on your list :slight_smile: and if the crowds are too great to get to do everything planned, use that as an excuse for the next trip:laugh:


Before you know it the counter will be showing hours instead of days before the trip…:pirate:


My DD is a CM at Pop and she said the resorts are at 95% booked. Very crowded due to spring break.


I wish I was at Disney right now! :sad: :laugh:


Yes, I’m almost ready to burst, I’m so excited about getting there soon. It will definitely be a new experience, with the crowds and all, but still will be able to enjoy everything, just in a little different manner than what I’m use to. First meal ever at LeCellier, here I come!


I just got back from WDW on Sunday. The crowd levels had been posted at a 7 for most days before we left and then changed to a 10 either just before we left or while we were there.

It was definitely crowded, more crowded than I have ever seen the parks, at least as a guest and not when I was a CM.

My advice is to start your days EARLY as that seemed to be the best times to get things done without long waits and be sure to use FastPass wisely. The good news is that they had tons of extra roaming entertainment all around - there was music and characters everywhere.