Is anyone booking the Disney Dream tomorrow?


So…is anyone booking their 2011 Cruise on the Disney Dream tomorrow?

I AM!!! Well, I hope I am!

I am looking to book President’s week 2011…2/20 sailing for 4 nights. Since I am going for President’s week in 2010, I figure I would start a new tradition by going every year for President’s week!

I am using my DVC points to book it! I am just trying to decide which cabin to book. On my cruise for 2010, we are in a Deluxe Inside Stateroom which is perfectly fine for us since I have been on 6 cruises in my life and ALWAYS in an inside stateroom. But what’s AMAZING about the Inside Staterooms on the Dream…THEY ALL HAVE VIRTUAL PORTHOLES with REAL TIME views from the sea!!! So it SEEMS like you have an outside cabin but you don’t. They even have Finding Nemo characters swimming by! How cool does that sound??? :cool:

Here’s my Dilemma…It’s only 25 points TOTAL between the Category 10 Deluxe Inside Cabin and the Category 9 Deluxe Outside Cabins. And it’s 91 points difference for a Whitewall VERANDAH room, Category 6! I do have to tell you, Verandah rooms scare the HECK out of me…all I picture is one of my kids falling overboard while standing on a chair to look out. :eek:

So…what would YOU do??? :confused:


We booked the March 13, 2011 Cruise. 4 nights on the Dream!!! It wont come soon enough.


Where is the ship going? I guess a better way of putting it is what are the port of calls? :stuck_out_tongue: We might look for that week too.


It looks like the itinerary is the same as the current Magic. Nassau and Castaway Cay are the only two stops. We did the Magic last spring break on this same itinerary and we all had a ball and want to go again. The atlantis water park was a total blast as well as Castaway cay.


Kim, I did you book today? I had the same thoughts and ended up booking a lower Cat. It is only 4 days and I think I will be out seeing the ship more than in the cabin this time. Plus, I think that virtual porthole sounds really fun. We are booked April 3, 2011 with points.


We were going to use points. I did the numbers and it was better for us to pay cash. We went with inside… since the last one was ocean. Did you book today?


We are booked on the May 29,2011 5 night cruise with 2 stops at castaway cay!!


I booked today! I decided in a Category 9A outside stateroom with the big porthole. I used points! I figure I have them, might as well use them.

Crazy thing…Presidents week 2011 on the Dream is sooooo much CHEAPER than my 2010 cruise on the Wonder! My 2010 Presidents week cruise in a deluxe inside stateroom is 500 points for 4 of us. That same category on the Dream is only 268 points!!! WOW!!!

Congrats to all who booked! I cannot wait to get on that ship!


When you use points does that include the transportation?


No, but you can add it for $70 r/t per person.


I would love to but we are using all of our banked points for this easter trip- I say you should go for the inside room to see the window thing just for the fun of it! That is what I would do!