Is Anyone Else Having Problems With The Countdown?


Mine was working fine untill I tried to modify it this morning. Now, even though I’ve followed the format perfectly in my sig, when I update, the countdown is totally gone :huh:

Can anyone help?


In my DL one the counter itself dissapeared for a few days but the “Disneyland With Dad” title line stayed. I still see it ghost every once in awhile but I haven’t tried messing with it since. Copy and paste the code, take it out of your signature for a couple hours or something, put it back in to refresh and see what happens. IDK, maybe that would work.


It’s the curse of the Yankee fan …


Thanks Jess, I’ll try that.


I wish I could help but that counter seems sensitive. Once I got it the way I wanted it I try not to make changes. I tried toi change it once and it took me a good hour of playing with it to make it work again.


It’s just you. :whistling

Those things are so weird and sensitive- like DayDreamer, every time I try to change it I end up spending an hour tweaking it. You’d think a straight cut and paste wouldn’t mess with it, but it always seems to.


I checked, and nothing in your sig, so I can’t help you much there. Try to put it back in, and I will take a look at it and see what may be wrong.


Thanks Mickey and the others who responded. I just redid it and it’s working fine now.


Only 12 days to go!! Wow, gettin excited??


Yeah, D Squared, I really am. May I call you that?

I haven’t even begun to think about packing yet. Last week my DME luggage tags came in! What a cool shade of yellow.

So DD, are you playin’ on DC at work too? :ninja:


Yep its become a serious habit now. LOL What’s D Squared???


I wish I had a countdown to worry about. :crying:


Oh your name, DayDreamer has 2 d’s, so I just remembered the old math rule and squared it.


LOL! Cool.


my countdown is doing fine too.


I bet it is! Only 4 DAYS to go!!


:crying: :crying: wwwaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I WANT A COUNTDOWN!!! :crying: :crying:


Me TOO!!! :sad: But I do hope to have one soon.


don’t worry. maybe i will help like you.


How do I add a countdown to my signature? I can’t figure out how to do this. Please help!